Keep your business in motion with Soldo’s free instant money transfers (video)

29 July 2018  |   2 minutes read

Managing your business spending isn’t just about stopping your team from overspending. It’s also about making sure that everyone has exactly what they need to get the job done, with minimal fuss.

If your employees are out on the road promoting your business and making deals that matter, the last thing you want is for their efforts to be scuppered because they don’t have the funds for an emergency taxi, a meal with prospective clients, or an extra night on-site.

Soldo’s free money transfers are instant, so your employees will never be left high and dry. Best of all, you can get the funds to them with just a couple of clicks.

Find out how to do a free instant money transfer with Soldo in the how-to video below, and keep your business motion.

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