Free money transfers put an end to last-minute business dramas

4 October 2017  |   6 minutes read

Free money transfers are child’s play with Soldo Business

We’ve all been there before. A sudden turn of events in our work day that presents a problem which can only be solved by a quick cash injection. Before, we’ve had to put our hands in our own pockets and pay up front, only to have to wait (sometimes until the end of the month) to be reimbursed by the company. Petty cash can be fiddly, and last-minute bank runs are not always feasible in a busy company. What we need are reliable free money transfers.

Now, thanks to Soldo Business, money is just a phone call (or text) away. The next time you find yourself high and dry and unable to pay for a business essential, just call your account administrator, and they will be able to make an instant free money transfer to your Soldo Business wallet. It’s free and only takes a couple of clicks.


The unexpected is part of life

At work and at play, the unexpected is always around the corner. Even the most robust budgeting can leave gaps, and fail to account accurately for unpredictable events. On the other hand, over-budgeting for the unexpected is also inefficient and can be costly.

With Soldo Business’ free money transfers, you don’t need to worry about funds running dry, and nor do you don’t need to unnecessarily over-budget.


Soldo Business’ free money transfers solve a huge array of possible business emergencies

Next time the flight you wanted is overbooked, you don’t need to miss that crucial appointment. Just ask your account admin to do a free money transfer to your Soldo Business account so that you can afford the next flight, even if it costs a little bit more.

Or, if your equipment fails before an important presentation, a free money transfer to your Soldo Business account and a quick trip to the PC store will have you up and running again in no time.


Soldo Business: the easiest way to transfer money

In our fast-paced 24-hour world, your business can’t afford to grind to a halt for want of a few pounds (or more). In fact, expense funds should be the least of your worries – you need to be free to focus on what really matters: your core business.


Free money transfers: on time, every time

Soldo Business can help you eliminate the delays that would otherwise cause severe delays in the carrying out of crucial business. Whether your cash needs are large or small, it makes no sense whatsoever to stop in your tracks, or find yourself out of pocket, just to be able to carry out your work.

Soldo Business’ real-time free money transfers mean you can get the funds you need within a matter of seconds.

And, throughout the whole process, your account admin will have full visibility of your balance and transactions, thanks to real-time spending notifications and data. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to stay on top of your spending with ease, thanks to Soldo Business’ snappy app.


Smoothing the path to your business goals

As well as free money transfers, Soldo Business lets you give prepaid cards to your staff and departments – in their own names. The account admin can monitor everyone’s balance, and set bespoke budgets, limits and rules to fit everyone’s needs (and trust levels) to perfection.

As an employee, you can monitor your own spending with the app. What’s more, you can even attach photos of receipts, notes and tags to each transaction. The days of tedious expense reports are over. Your account admin can generate exportable two-click reports, which integrate seamlessly with your existing accounts or expense software.


Don’t sweat it – choose Soldo Business

Knowing that cash emergencies now have an easy solution means that you can relax. One of the big stresses of working life has been removed, and you can just carry on motoring towards your business goals. Money for your expenses doesn’t need to impede your career progress.
Soldo Business’ free money transfers extinguish the first sparks of danger without ever giving them a chance to deteriorate into a fully blown fire. Best of all, our free money transfers are instant and effortless.

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