Taxi receipt mayhem? Business travel doesn’t have to be so stressful

26 August 2017  |   6 minutes read

You’ve kissed the family goodbye and the taxi is waiting to take you off on yet another business trip away from home. Whether you’re staying for 2 hours or 2 weeks, you’ll want to make your absence from home worth everyone’s while, and achieve everything you set out to do (and more).

Business travel expenses, including those dreaded mislaid taxi receipts, ought to be the last of your worries. Yet travelling takes up a surprisingly large proportion of the actual business trip – especially if you’re just jetting in to deliver a quick presentation, before turning right back home afterwards.

Say goodbye to cash. Soldo Business records every expense automatically

Armed with your Soldo Business Mastercard card, you’re already halfway towards an easy business trip. You can use it anywhere you see the Mastercard logo, which gives you access to over 30 million outlets nationwide. This includes a wide range of transport options around the world, including London’s tube and buses, where you can use your contactless Soldo card instead of an Oyster card.

Taxi receipts get lost more often than socks… or so it seems

How many of us have been asked for all the receipts to support our expense reports, only to find that – yet again – a pesky taxi receipt has got lost (yet again), and we have to ask our managers to trust our word?

As much as we may resolve firmly that ‘this time will be different’, business travel is often so busy that we simply don’t have time to treat our taxi receipts with the archival diligence they demand.

Taxi receipts and Soldo Business: it’s on the record – automatically

As well as using Soldo Business for services that give you an automatic email receipt like Uber, you can use it to pay for the growing number of taxis (including black cabs) around the world that now accept card payments. Even if you forget to get a taxi receipt, you’ll still have the transaction automatically recorded on your Soldo expense account.

If you remember to get a full taxi receipt, just open the Soldo Business app, take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the transaction.

You won’t have to worry about losing a taxi receipt ever again.

Effortless expense reports

As well as adding receipts, you can effortlessly add other transaction data, including notes & tags. Your account administrator will need to define a range of tags in the admin dashboard, but once this is done, all you need to do is select them from inside the app. As for notes, you can add any details you want – whatever will make things easy for you when you come home and have to explain where all the money’s gone.

Two-click expense reports

Once you’re home, you won’t need to spend a tedious morning tying up any loose ends and drawing up expense reports.

All the information that’s been safely recorded in the app can now be brought together in a seamless report by the account admin. It only takes a couple of clicks, and the job is done.

Peace of mind with enhanced security:

If the worst happens, and your card is lost or stolen while you’re travelling on business, just switch it off instantly in the app. You can even use the app to report it as lost, and get the replacement process kicked off smoothly.

Anyone for tennis? When business becomes pleasure

A recent survey by found that almost half (49%) of business travellers are now extending business trips to include a spot of pleasure.

It’s a reasonable response to the frustrating experience of travelling to – say – Rome, yet seeing nothing but the insides of a conference centre and hotel room. Why not see the Sistine Chapel while you’re in town?

If you are planning to extend your trip, why not switch right over to Soldo Family, and take advantage of (among other things) 0% commission on foreign exchange?

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