Five must have gadgets for business travel

29 August 2017  |   5 minutes read

With SMEs and the encouraging global exports market driving the economic recovery in the UK, it looks like business travel will continue to be very important in 2016. Whether you’re travelling business class to New York or on the dawn budget flight to Germany, travelling light makes things so much easier.

To help you make your journey more manageable, you should think about getting the latest travel technology.

Here are the top five gadgets that no 2016 business traveller can be without.

Keep track of your bags

Around 22 million pieces of luggage are lost or misplaced each year. If you’re travelling to an important meeting then you can’t afford for this to happen to you. That’s where the Eviate eTrack comes in. This compact gadget tells you where your baggage is at any point, alerts you when it hits the baggage belt, and even lets you know if it has been opened at any point during the trip. Special features even let you check in your bags at home, meaning you can avoid the queues and get on with your work

Adapt to your surroundings

Most business travellers these days will be carrying an assortment of gadgets that need charging. Laptops, tablets and phones are essential tools of the mobile business executive and you can’t afford to run out of juice when you need it most. You can probably also do without a suitcase full of different chargers. So why not get one that covers all the bases? Multi-plug and USB adaptors like the Skross World Travel Adapter make sure you can stay powered up wherever you are in the world.

It might also be a good idea to take a back-up power supply for when you’re on the move. The Aukey a portable battery charger can charge your iPhone ten times over. Its slim design means it’s very convenient to carry. It should have at least a capacity of  20,000mAh in order to support our needs.

Stay awake

It’s hard to be at your best when you’ve spent the last day or two in the air, especially when the different time zones start messing with your mind. But you can trick your body by using light therapy to make the adjustment less severe. Portable SAD lightboxes like the Phillips goLITE emit light signals to restore energy and combat the effects of jet lag. As little as 15 minutes a day will keep you in top condition to perform when it counts.

Important to know: if you do not plan your business travel ahead you might not only get stressed but actually also get ill. There are many mental and physical illnesses related to business travel. Planning your journey well and being equipped with the right gadgets will reduce the risk of paying a high price for your career. Psychological stress, high alcohol consumption, fatigue, injuries and accidents have also been reported to be more common among business travelers…

Get to the route of the problem

A portable wireless router like the HooToo HT-TM04 allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet anywhere you can get a signal. This comes in especially handy in hotel rooms where you can be limited to one at a time. It also comes with a useful built-in USB charger so you can browse and charge at the same time.

Keep control of your cash

No matter where you travel there is always a risk of losing your money, either through theft or carelessness. With Soldo, unlike a business charge card or credit card, you can set spending limits and even lock or unlock your Soldo MasterCard® directly from the app if the worst does happen. But that’s not all. Because you receive notifications with every purchase directly on your mobile, it’s easier to stay in control of your money while you are away. Whether it’s a company account or your own personal money you can look after it better with Soldo.

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