Cure the media buying migraine

What are you buying, and where? It’s a simple question, and the answer’s clear with Soldo – the platform that combines smart payments with effortless reporting.

The pain of media buying

Biddable media is an invaluable part of your agency’s offering. But purchasing that media creates a ridiculous amount of admin for finance teams and buyers alike.

Financial detective work

Matching invoices and bank statements to cross-platform spending is a job for Inspector Clouseau, not your finance team.

Relentless admin

No media buyer should be saddled with ferrying data between ad platforms and financial controllers. There’s work to do.

Poor visibility

With credit cards, spending data goes to the bank. With insertion orders, it’s locked in siloes. Either way it’s tough to track.

Introducing a smarter way to pay

Soldo is a spend management platform that ties the means to spend – Mastercard® cards – to a system that gives control and visibility over media buying in real-time.

Connected spending
Transaction data flows into a single source of truth – a cloud-based, multi-user web console.

Live tracking
Management gets a real-time view of transactions across every client and media platform.

Automated reporting
Buyers and finance teams save time with automated reporting and effortless reconciliation.

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Here’s how Soldo works


Funds go into dedicated sub-accounts for each client. Deposits are free and BACS Faster Payments usually clear within minutes (can take up to 2 hours).


For each client, buyers get virtual Mastercard® cards per ad platform –  they’re immediately ready to spend.

Track & report

Transactions flow into the web console, where you can track spend, limits, and export reports.

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Make it happen with fresh data

With Soldo, there’s no need to spend time at the end of the month figuring out who’s spent what where. And when you’ve got accurate, categorised transaction data, you can do amazing things.

  1. Create reports on any campaign instantly
  2. Identify trends across campaigns and periods
  3. Download CSV files to move data to other systems

Loved by agencies just like yours

We manage the budgets of 7 top spenders in the digital field. Our accounting department had great difficulty in getting through all the accounts and credit cards and sorting it out was becoming impossible. Soldo was a real revolution for us, because it simplified everything instantly with a totally centralised, convenient and fast system. We have gained in terms of time, performance, cost savings and reporting.

Angelo Di Veroli
CEO, Blackgeek Ltd

Say hello to smarter media spending

  1. No more nagging emails between finance and media teams
  2. No more comparing bank statements with inaccurate platform data
  3. No more trawling through insertion orders playing ‘guess the campaign’

Instead, you have more time to focus on the stuff that’ll push your business forwards. This is an all-new way to manage biddable media buying. An approach that’s better for your people, your business and your clients.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Soldo is a business spending account. It is not a bank and doesn’t want to be one. We’re not trying to replace banks but rather to complement traditional banks’ offering with advanced and innovative financial services. To do this we are authorised and regulated as an e-money institution to hold our customers money and to execute payment services and we follow strict compliance processes. ​

  • We don’t lend or take risks with our customers’ money, we access it solely to execute the customer’s transactions. Client funds are always protected, as they are completely independent of Soldo’s business bank accounts and assets. Client money is kept in a protected, ring-fenced account in leading banks in each market. The funds are safeguarded under UK Electronic Money Regulations 2017 and cannot be claimed by Soldo creditors. Funds held by Soldo are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.​

  • The funds in the Soldo account are always available to the account holder and can be moved back to the company bank account at any time.​

  • No. Your Soldo account is not intended to replace your business account. While you can deposit funds to your Soldo account from your business account, Soldo can’t be used for outgoing bank transfers and funds can only be withdrawn to the business account used to top up Soldo. 

  • For each additional Soldo Mastercard you order, you’ll pay a one-off creation fee of £5 which will be debited from your Soldo account. If you only need to make online purchases, you can create a virtual card in the platform for a one-off £1 charge (per card). 

  • Absolutely. We also offer euro and US dollar-based cards. Just get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how they work. 

  • None at all. Our Soldo Mastercard cards are free to use, so the amount of money you allocate is the same amount the cardholder can spend. 

  • It’s completely free. Plus, if your bank supports Faster Payments, deposits appear instantly. By funding your Soldo account, you’ll be able to top up individual cards as and when you need to. 

  • As long as your bank account is UK based, you won’t have to pay anything to transfer unused funds back from your Soldo account. If you have an overseas bank account, you’ll need to pay a small fee of £6 for SEPA transfers and £16 for international transfers. 

  • Our FX fee for purchases in different currencies/countries is 1% for Pro and Premium plans. Most of our competitors charge 3%.