Soldo’s Customers

Thousands of the brightest businesses use Soldo to control spending and simplify expense management. Find out how.

Care image
This not-for-profit, Making Space, empowered staff with automated spend management, creating more time for what matters – charity.
family_sunset_cairn mhor hero
In the wake of a global pandemic financial concerns in care homes find even more prevalent. Find out how Cairn Mhor moved to quick and safe fund distribution.
People sitting at college
Plymouth College of Art’s finance team were able to take back control and reduce manual effort whilst generating more accurate spend data by switching to Soldo.
London Grace salon
London Grace fund they could automate expense reconciliation, as we as assign expense centres to each store easing financial admin.
GetYourGuide  overcame the strict daily transaction limits of credit cards when buying huge volumes of tickets to the world’s best tourist attractions.
The luxury holiday travel club uses Soldo to empower employee spending while getting real-time visibility and control over spending.
Buzzoole connects social media influencers with brands, helping companies reach new, relevant audiences through engaging content.
Dania Scandinavian School London
Dania school managed to reduce overspend and simplify their expenses for both staff and volunteers whilst removing petty cash and increasing visibility.
Emmaus homeless charity use Soldo
Emmaus, a homeless charity, were able to save time on financial admin by customising expense tracking and limiting the use of cash.
Removing petty cash and streamlining their financial admin allowed Bruntwood to focus on helping cities and communities to thrive.
Titans haulage company use Soldo's solutions
Titan’s removed the burden of slow reimbursement and complex expense processes by providing their drivers with cards for fuel and lodgings.
b60 management consultancy and technology delivery agency customer story header image
B60 re-wrote their expense process, gaining complete control over every business transaction.
Connect Ventures streamline the expense process with Soldo
Connect Ventures streamlined their expense management by introducing virtual cards for software subscriptions and creating a process that feed straight into their accounts.