Titans Siting & Transport

Soldo helps Titan’s drivers pay for fuel and lodgings without the burden of slow reimbursements or the headache of complex expense processes.







Key benefits

No more VAT receipts​

Free & instant transfer of funds

Instant spend notifications​​

Titans earned its name hauling houses. From their base in Northampton, the transport and siting company carries mobile homes, modular houses and amenity buildings all over the UK. Here’s how Soldo helps them do business.​

On any given day, dedicated onsite engineers and drivers work tirelessly to carry out jobs, often hundreds of miles away from the head office in the Midlands. Moving entire abodes takes some doing. And a considerable amount of buying: while on the job, drivers routinely spend £500 on each full tank of fuel before finding somewhere to sleep off a hard day’s work.​​


A routine roadblock​

Historically, the team used credit cards to manage spending, but high limits and fees left the team seeking a better way. Titans considered fuel cards, but they didn’t like the idea of restricting drivers to specific suppliers.​

“With Soldo, I know I’ve always got my drivers’ backs and the best bit is that I don’t need to do loads of work”

Karen Green
Operations Manager

When it came to expense tracking, snapping on expense management tools could clumsily solve one side of the equation. But credit cards had been tested and found wanting, and reimbursement would leave drivers unacceptably out of pocket. The right solution needed to account for both spending and expenses. So Soldo was the answer.

Through an intuitive interface, Soldo gives their team control, insight and flexibility. Karen, the Soldo account administrator at Titans, loves being able to respond to driver needs, providing access to the money they need – instantly and with no hidden transfer fees. And Soldo makes it easy to allocate cards to everyone who needs one, including peak season contractors.

The benefits extend past spending. Expense tracking is beautifully simple with Soldo. When VAT for a full tank can exceed £100, proper record-keeping for claims can be worth a small fortune at tax time. So a tool that made receipt capture easy would be worth its weight in diesel.​

Cruise control​

Soldo makes receipt capture a piece of cake. Drivers use the Soldo employee app to upload receipts, tag expenses and add any relevant notes. Meanwhile, back in the office, Karen receives instant notifications every time one of her drivers makes a purchase – a very welcome reminder that everything is bang on track. ​

At month end, Karen applies the filters she needs to generate data-rich two-click expense reports, downloading them in a format that integrates perfectly with Sage – Titans’ accounting software. ​

But, for Karen, the best benefit is keeping her team happy. ​

‘We’re a caring company and always look after each other. With Soldo I know I’ve always got my drivers’ backs and the best bit is that I don’t need to do loads of work (or miss out on VAT claims) at the end of the month.’​