Shed light on your company’s subscriptions

Companies run on subscriptions – whether it’s website hosting, productivity suites, or online advertising, it all adds up. Thankfully, Soldo makes it easy to pay for and track software subscriptions – all in one place.

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A simpler way to stay on top of subscriptions

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Control subscription costs

No nasty surprises. Set budgets and restrict spending to specific vendors and merchant categories.  

See spending in one place

Easily spot duplicate subscriptions and unused software with a business-wide, real-time view.

Keep your services running

Automate top-ups, so bills always get paid, and you avoid unexpected interruptions to your services.

Pay for every subscription with ease

Use smart company cards to pay for any subscription – from Xero to AWS, G Suite to Squarespace. Give each subscription its own named virtual card drawing down from pooled or isolated funds. And provide shared access to cards so teams can track and manage costs.

Track subscription spending in one place

With different people setting up recurring, exclusively card-based payments, it’s easy to lose track of costs. But with Soldo, spending is centralised, giving finance a top-down view of spend, and making it easy to spot and cancel duplicate and unused subscriptions.

Manage subscriptions with complete control

It’s easy to define spending limits for each card per day, week, and month – so costs stay under control. To keep services running, you can automate low-balance or periodic top-ups. And you can restrict cards to a specific vendor, preventing unauthorised spending.

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‘Small costs add up, especially at scale. See how spending sprawl affects businesses and learn why a close eye on costs can make a big difference to the bottom line in this free slide show.’

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Everything you need to manage subscription spending 

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Smart company cards

Use physical and virtual Mastercard® cards to make payments in store and online. 

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Mobile and web management

Track transactions in real time and easily manage spending across your business.

Accounting integrations

Flow data to Xero, QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Sage; export CSV to any platform.

Automated top-ups

Make sure cards have funds available with automatic low-balance or periodic top-ups.

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Flexible spend controls

Set custom spending limits for any card per transaction, day, week, and month. 

Multi-currency spending 

Spend in GBP, EUR, and USD, and enjoy low FX rates and fees in other currencies. 

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