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Business expense cards help you take control of employee spending

Employee expense cards are the natural step up for companies tired of the wasted time, lack of security and inaccessibility of traditional business spending accounts. With Soldo, you get a full spending solution: including plastic and virtual cards, a web console for controlling payments and integrated apps for every employee.

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Save valuable time

Managing and tracking spending across company cards or cash is a hassle, forcing you to juggle receipts and chase late expense forms. Soldo automates the entire process.

Protect your finances

Instead of giving staff access to the company account, or letting them drive up debt with credit cards, give them a set budget each month in their own dedicated account – that you control.

Empower your staff

Enable your team to decide how they want to spend their learning, entertainment and travel budgets by giving them their own employee benefits account.

What is a business expense card?

A business expense card is a way of enabling employees to cover the costs they incur while doing their jobs. How they work is simple: you give prepaid cards to as many members of your team as you like, and each comes with a dedicated account that you load with money.

Staff can then use the preloaded company expense cards as they would a normal credit or debit card: buying fuel, meals, online purchases and more.

With Soldo, you get extra controls that enable you to dictate how each account is used – and a web console for tracking transactions as they happen.

Corporate expense cards vs traditional company cards

Company credit and debit cards are popular, but they have drawbacks that business expense cards don’t.

With a debit card, the balance on the card and the balance in your primary account are one and the same. This essentially means the holder has unlimited access to those funds – unless they run out.

So you’ll need to make sure that you trust each cardholder to spend responsibly. Even then, the card will likely be shared among many employees, which makes it difficult to keep track of who’s spent what.

A business credit card, on the other hand, is linked to your line of credit. Its only spending limits are annual or monthly, making it susceptible to misuse. You’ll only be able to see statements at the end of the month, too, so you may not notice problems until it’s too late.

Prepaid expense card solutions have a few key differences. Their balances are separate from the company account itself, which means the cardholder can only ever spend as much as you put on their card. Because this isn’t linked to your line of credit, staff can’t impact your credit score.

How are expense cards different from company credit cards?

The biggest difference between expense cards and company credit cards is that there’s no credit involved. Instead, you preload each expense account with a set amount of funds. With Soldo’s expense cards, you get budgeting controls and oversight that aren’t available with credit cards.

What’s the best prepaid expense card for my small business?

Soldo’s advanced features and low fees make it a great fit for SMEs and startups. The Pro plan is designed for small businesses, all the features and functionality you need to manage spending – including our full suite of cards, web console and integrated apps.

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