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Frequently asked questions

How does Soldo work?

With Soldo, you control all business spending and – thanks to the integration with your accounting system – you can reconcile expenses quickly and easily. You can equip some or all employees, entire teams, or even external collaborators with Mastercard® Soldo cards , deciding who has access to company money and the rules by which to spend it.

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Are there additional fees?

Soldo Financial Services Ltd fees are available here, and typical limits are available here.

Does Soldo suit big or small businesses better?

We designed Soldo with infinite scale in mind and it works brilliantly for clients of all shapes and sizes, from one-man bands to large corporates.

How do business prepaid cards work?

Prepaid cards work a lot like gift cards. Load each Soldo card with a specific sum to set a balance, which you can increase or decrease at any time. Make top ups using mobile or web apps, and you can manage any number of cards.

Make a payment – using exactly the same process as a normal debit or credit card – to see funds immediately deducted from the balance. Spent it all? The card is now out of action until you top it up.

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