Petty cash: Make light work of managing spend

Soldo is the award-winning spend management platform, trusted by thousands of businesses. We can help you manage petty cash spending without the fuss. Get started

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Lock up the petty cash box. Step away from the ledger. Manage business-wide spending with Soldo and leave your team beaming.

There’s a brighter way to petty cash

Send money instantly

Distribute funds remotely without withdrawing cash and keeping it in an unsafe petty cash box.

Control costs on prepaid cards

Empower controlled staff spending; set budgets and track spend in real time – from anywhere.

Automate all expense admin

Send transactions, receipts, and other data to your accounting software with smart integrations.

Get up and running in a flash

Apply online in minutes and start spending in as little as one working day. It’s easy.

Soldo: Manage petty cash the easy way

Soldo cuts the legwork, using prepaid cards to get money to employees – fast. Use the desktop or mobile app to set budgets. Then send money to any employee or department card in a couple of clicks.

Everything you need for accounting is captured on the Soldo mobile app. And Soldo integrates with accounting software, so records are accurate, and reconciliation is effortless.

Soldo helps you manage spending with a secure, simple, seamless system designed to make life easier. Control spending across your business in real time, from anywhere.

How Soldo works: Not a ledger in sight

Prepaid Mastercard® cards

Order plastic or virtual cards for any employee, department, or site in a couple of clicks.

Built-in budgets and rules

Define custom rules that govern how much can be spent and where on any single card.

Employee mobile app

Check balances and manage cards; capture receipts, VAT, and more at the point of sale.

Effortless bookkeeping

Track in real time on desktop and mobile; flow data into accounting systems automatically.