Utility companies operate better with Soldo​

Support the flexibility required to geographically distributed customers while retaining total control on spend by territory or team.​

Utility companies rely on an extensive team of field service engineers and technicians to provide in situ support to thousands of customers around the world.

In addition to typical travel costs, field service employees’ work necessitates the flexibility to purchase components, parts or other services to address the customer needs.

The problems​​

Limited capability to manage emergencies

Utility companies are unable to effectively handle emergency, and sometimes costly, purchases by field service employees​

Lack of control

Lack of upfront control exposes utility companies to overspending and possible disputes with regard to spend​

Poor resource allocation

The current practices of cash advances and traditional bank issued debit cards create a suboptimal allocation of company funds​

Costly administrative overheads

Cumbersome administrative processes are time consuming, unproductive and costly

With Soldo utilities can transform the way they do business, regaining control and maximizing customer satisfaction​

Empower field service employees to buy what they need to get the job done​

Instantly transfer funds to employees in the event of an emergency ​

Retain total control with bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules by territory, employee ​

Optimise allocation of funds among teams and territories through free transfer of funds among sub accounts

Tag spending on the spot to categorise costs for each job by territory, customer and more​

Use in-app receipt capture to ensure comprehensive documentation​

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