Allocate funds and control spending​

Delegate access to money within your organisation whilst retaining control Use the web-based administration console to plan, delegate and control spending. Transfer funds manually or automatically and set budget and spending rules.​​

Instant transfers​

Transfer money instantly from the company wallet to the wallets of your employees either manually or automatically.
Once money is transferred in an employee’s wallet, it is free to spend within the limits that you control, until you transfer the funds back into the company wallet.

Transfer funds automatically​

The automatic low balance transfer guarantees that your users always have the funds they need. Set a maximum amount per transfer in a selected period to keep things under control.​

The periodic transfer can automate recurring transfers to take place on a monthly, weekly or daily basis at the time of your choice.​

Switch cards on and off​​

Both you and your employees can instantly lock and unlock Soldo Mastercard cards at any time for fraud and security purposes.

However, a function of administrative control is that it overrides any unlocking attempt of an employee.

Set budgets​

Set bespoke budgets on a monthly, weekly or daily basis to limit spending or set a maximum value per transaction.

Set spending rules​​​

Reduce fraud and overspending by controlling spending through the use of advanced rules.​ Allow or prevent online and contactless transactions​.

Enable or disable the possibility to withdraw cash or limit it to a monthly, weekly or daily amount.​ Allow only transactions in certain countries or spending on specific categories​.

Frequently asked questions

  • Faster Payments transfers are direct and immediate (the deposit will be credited to your account within 2 working hours but in practice it’s usually immediate). While IBAN transfers can take up to 24-48 hours for the transfer to reach your account. ​

  • Soldo Business cards are MasterCard cards and can be used at millions of merchant locations worldwide, at ATMs (cash machines), and over the internet.

  • In order to transfer money for your employees to use, you first need to load funds into your account by making a bank transfer. Once this has been done, you can transfer funds instantly and for free to any user or expense centre. You can also set recurring transfers in order to make sure that employees always have funds available to spend with their cards.​