What are the best SaaS tools for small businesses in 2020?

There are now a seemingly limitless number of software applications available, covering almost any organisational task. Enabled by the explosive growth and adoption of the cloud, software as a service, or SaaS, now offers remotely hosted applications with online access and highly configurable, affordable per-user licensing models. 

Here are some of the best SaaS tools for small businesses today:

The G Suite

Almost ubiquitous, Google’s G suite is designed for collaborative working, integrations with mobile and desktop devices, personal or team calendars and private cloud-based file storage. This is not to mention Gmail itself, which disrupted all email providers when it was introduced in 2004.


Helping businesses with both customer support and email marketing solutions, HelpCrunch is also adept at other marketing features such as building pop-ups and creating messenger campaigns. With integrated help desk features also included, the primary focus of HelpCrunch is to develop and improve customer experience. 


Trello is a project management tool which organises projects into boards. Trello has seen global adoption thanks to its visual layout and endless integrations with slack, dropbox, g-suite and more. If you’re looking for a SaaS tool which can make break complicated projects down into sizeable chunks, this is it. 


Feedier is a tool to allow businesses to collect customer feedback. Feedier keeps customer interactions both short and to the point. This tool collects responses via slider, NPS score (net promoter score, which measures brand experience) and both short and long text-based responses. This can provide a dynamic and real-time overview as to how customer-facing teams are performing.


Project management software used to be either complex or oversimplified, requiring additions coded in Excel. ProofHub is a highly functional tool which allows businesses to keep on top of all projects. With availability on mobile devices, teams can connect wherever they are working.


Any business which employs staff is always striving to engage and retain the very best talent. CharlieHR automates the administrative headaches of running a company so that you can focus on other things. The software allows employees to keep track of their holiday, days working from home and Personal Development Plans – so that they can track their progress over time. 

Google Analytics

Most businesses with an online presence need to determine precisely how customers are engaging with their websites. Google Analytics offers businesses a range of key metrics, enabling companies to measure website traffic, where it comes from, and the types of devices used to access the sites. Data can be presented in a range of ways, providing actionable insights in improving the customer journey, user experience and thus overall digital performance.


With over 3+ million paid users, Slack has become a must-have SaaS tool for any small business. Slack is a communication and collaboration tools, which allows staff to instant message, organise groups and run opinion polls. Slack’s easy-to-use interface has made it the go-to communication tool for small businesses around the world. 


A simple and easy to use web conferencing platform, GoToMeeting works with local and international web conferences, allowing businesses to communicate with clients and colleagues near and far. With a quick set up, this solution is particularly popular with businesses which need to arrange meetings at short notice across geographical regions.


A virtual whiteboard which can be shared with colleagues and clients to help with brainstorming and subsequent recording when the parties involved are in different locations. With templates and icons available to users, Miro also offers integration with GoogleDrive.


Keeping on top of your team’s tasks has never been easier with Asana. This project management tool allows you to break down the week’s assignments, assigning them to members of your team and listing them in priority order. Other features include email reminders, timelines and calendar integrations so that you never miss a trick. 


An app which allows offices to select and display hours in which they can see clients, Calendly then allows clients to book the time slots they prefer. Useful for freelancers, professionals and other businesses, Calendly can be embedded into websites and also integrated with solutions such as SalesForce and GoToMeeting.

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