What are the best SaaS applications for project management?

Project management software can often be an expensive purchase that usually requires additional hardware too. But opting for SaaS apps instead brings many benefits, including:

With these points in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 popular SaaS applications for project management. Most of the following offer a free trial, so you can find the option that best suits your business needs.

1. Monday 

Currently used by over 350,000 people across 76 countries, Monday aims to help teams coordinate their tasks. Businesses can organise, plan and track projects using the intuitive interface, customising projects to enable your team to deliver against targets.

2. Clarizen

If you’re seeking to speed up workflow, improve efficiency and your business involves multiple repeatable projects, then Clarizen could be the project management app for your company. The package boasts a wide range of features that have been created to speed up business processes, which encourages the faster completion of projects. Clarizen claims to be ‘enterprise-grade’ and comes packed with features, including workflow and resource management tools.

3. Trello

A completely free limited version is available. However, Trello offers more functionality for paid subscribers. Widely regarded as a firm favourite with project managers, Trello presents itself as a to-do app, but there is much more to the package. Use it individually, or as a team, to plan tasks, stay organised and complete projects on-time.

Available as a mobile, web or desktop app, Trello lets you see exactly where you are with a project in real-time and is fully customisable for your specific needs.

4. Paymo

Keeping track of time is essential when managing projects and Paymo lets you do just that. But there’s much more this application can do. Use it to plan work, schedule tasks and communicate with other team members. Offering detailed insights into every stage of your projects, Paymo is adaptable enough for every business size, from freelancers to large organisations.

5. Wrike

Currently used by over 17,000 businesses, including TGI Fridays and Airbnb, Wrike is aimed primarily at creative and marketing teams, in addition to business operations, professional services and product development teams. If the software is to be used by groups of five or fewer, it’s free to use too. 

In addition to monitoring stages of each project, Wrike also helps to optimise workflows and processes and aids with project visualisation.

6. Celoxis

Users of Celoxis are in good company, as it’s the project management application of choice for numerous brands including KPMG, Rolex, LG, Deloitte and HBO. Although it’s available in SaaS form, Celoxis can also be purchased as an on-premises software package.

The software includes task management features, 80% of which can be accessed directly from the user dashboard. Real-time project trackers, timesheets, risk assessments and to-do lists are all included, together with powerful analytical tools. Celoxis is highly customisable, meaning it can be adapted according to your specific industry.

7. Basecamp

Used by over 100,000 business worldwide, Basecamp has garnered plenty of positive online reviews. The software regularly appears in lists of the top project management software tools. Rather than having a variety of apps and tools, Basecamp keeps everything in one place. 

The useful Chat function dispenses with the need for separate emails, while to-do lists come complete with deadlines and schedules, allowing you to keep track of specific events and tasks.

8. Teamwork Projects

Also featuring highly on lists of project management software for teams, is Teamwork Projects, which has collected numerous positive reviews from users. Created to aid communication within teams and to foster collaboration, Teamwork Projects can handle all types and sizes of projects. 

The software provides one single centralised platform for the planning, coordination and monitoring of projects. Powerful and intuitive to use, Teamwork Projects is considered to be user-friendly.

9. Hygger

An Agile project management software application, Hygger is aimed at IT companies, helping to plan and achieve project objectives. Suitable for all types of teams, Hygger helps you to prioritise and schedule tasks, setting deadlines and keeping up to date with team developments.

Projects can easily be broken down into smaller tasks. Sprint and Kanban boards allow your team members to visualise workflows, which helps them to keep organised. The software also aids team collaboration.

10. Jira

Created specifically for the IT sector, Jira enables you to assign tasks to software developers, helping you to keep track of ongoing projects. In addition to planning and tracking progress, the software application encourages the successful elimination of bugs, as well as helping your team to resolve issues using the agile methodology.

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