Simple marketing hacks for your small business

Some small business owners may not have the budget or resources to compete with larger businesses online. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t rise above the online noise to that sacred first page of Google. 

The internet has created numerous ways in which even the smallest company can make their online voice heard. And best of all, it doesn’t cost a fortune in the process. To help business owners get started, we’ve put together several simple marketing hacks that will help to raise a company’s profile, at a minimal cost.

Take advantage of social media 

Over 45 million of us in the UK logged onto one or more social media sites last year, and the figure is rising every day. It therefore makes perfect business sense to take advantage of an audience that is ready and willing to receive content. 

Most businesses could benefit from having an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. If a company regularly takes great product photos or videos, then Instagram needs to be on the list too, in addition to Pinterest and LinkedIn. The beauty of these sites is that other users will help to spread marketing messages on behalf of your company, so make posts witty, thoughtful and offering high-value to your customer base. 

Prioritise SEO 

An effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is an essential part of any marketing endeavour. But what happens when there isn’t a budget to employ professional help? Specialist SEO professionals know all the tricks, especially when it comes to optimising a company’s site for search engine rankings. However, there is still plenty a business can do in house to boost its own SEO. 

One of the best ways of keeping onside with search engines is to make sure that a website loads quickly, with all pages optimised for fast display on mobile and desktop. It’s worth checking how a site appears on tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops, to make sure that every web visitor has the optimum experience. 

Businesses should ensure that they make the most of their Google My Business page. This is a sure-fire way of gaining a better rapport with Google and reassures potential customers that the business is a trustworthy brand.

Produce creative, high-quality content 

Another valuable way of attracting positive attention from the search engine algorithms is to produce plenty of well-written, high-value content. Google loves authoritative content, so strive to become an expert in the business’ dedicated field. Write witty, engaging posts, or produce white papers, articles and videos about the company’s services or products.

The important thing to bear in mind is that content needs to be well-written if it’s to be effective. Poorly-written content littered with spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors will only serve to alienate potential customers. It might be worth considering hiring a professional writer to help get this just right. 

Measure success

If a business is going to understand how well their digital marketing strategy is working, then they’ll need to analyse their efforts. Establish which Key Performance Indicators the company is aiming for and then keep checking how well the strategy is working. 

Businesses need to have a proactive attitude in measuring the success of each aspect of a marketing campaign. This will enable the business to react quickly, ensuring the best possible outcomes. 

Automation technology 

Automated processes take care of specific tasks, leaving business owners free to concentrate on growing the business. Look out for technology that will help achieve business aims, such as email schedulers and content calendars. 

Chatbots are another beneficial technology that can help to increase conversion rates. They can even be programmed to answer customer queries and upsell product ranges at any time of day and night.

Customer referral programs

It may seem a fairly low-tech solution in a high-tech world, but they are still highly effective. Customer referral programs are a great way of enticing new customers to try out a company’s products or services. And best of all, they cost almost nothing to set up!

Find out what appeals most to current customers and use it to persuade them to spread the word about the business’ goods or services amongst friends and family. Perhaps a discount would motivate them to encourage their friends to visit the company website. Or how about money off for customers, and money off for their friend when they make a purchase?

Prize draws, or competitions are also a great incentive to help increase customer email lists. This method allows businesses to have access to a much more extensive customer database leading to future conversions.

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