Love and Job Searching

Soldo Team •

It’s February 14th and you are sitting across from your beloved at a romantic, dimly lit restaurant. Your significant other pulls out a small box, wrapped in gold paper and a bright red ribbon. You slowly unwrap the box, and inside you find the gift you’ve always wanted…your dream job!

Okay, maybe not, but dating and job hunting aren’t as unrelated as you may think. In fact, many of the “rules” of successful dating can prove helpful in your career planning and job hunting:

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

We’ve all become smitten with a person or job opportunity that seemed to be absolutely perfect for us. Well, in a challenging job market, it’s actually quite dangerous to set your sights on one seemingly ideal position. You’re likely to be disappointed, and you’ll be ignoring all of the other good positions that may have great potential.

First impressions are important, whether it’s dating or looking for a job! When you go for a date do you really just sit there and talk about the weather? Would you really go to a date wearing an untucked creased shirt and not wearing your favourite perfume/aftershave? Same applies for when you are invited for an interview.

If you are offered a position that is not-quite-perfect, or even just okay, think long and hard about ways you could turn that opportunity into your dream job (e.g., by proposing additional tasks or special projects that appeal to you) or how that position could be a great stepping stone to your ultimate career goal. Remember, lots of mediocre first dates turn into happy marriages. “I do”.

Do your research.

When you plan your Valentine’s Day evening, you will probably look into what restaurants your partner may enjoy or activities they may find entertaining. The same can be said about job interviews. By doing your research on an organisation you put the power in your hands. Learning about company updates, the industry and even doing your homework on the interviewer can establish credibility while proving you’re truly interested in a future with the organisation.

“Opposites attract.”

We all know couples with totally different personalities, and yet somehow those two very different parts make one terrific whole. When it comes to job hunting, opposites attract as well. What they attract are opportunities. If you’re feeling stuck in a career rut or your job search has stalled, perhaps the problem is that your job-seeking competitors are too similar to you. Feel free to get in touch with me directly if you’re looking to get ahead of the game – I can help you stand out from the rest!

 “Love is patient, love is kind.”

This is a quotation, spoken at many weddings and anniversary celebrations. It is a simple and powerful statement that absolutely applies to job hunting as well. Both patience and kindness are key in making the next choice, the right choice for you.

We are currently supporting some exciting job opportunities here at Soldo. Let this article be the fate, the twinkle in your eye and butterflies that could let your career live happily ever after! 

Why we love our applicants at Soldo

There’s so much more to the applicant journey than just the bit where you submit your details. We’ve learnt to love our applicants throughout the entire recruitment process – and doing this offers a fair few benefits to our organisation.

Rewards of loving our applicants:

A bad experience can range from a tedious application process, lack of communication, inflexibility in the interview process, lack of preparation, changing your mind or just a generally slow process. Any of these things – together or in isolation – will leave the applicant with a negative view of your brand.