Insights from Soldo HQ – Francesca Negro on the Circle of Product Design

Alex Mankowitz •

Francesca Negro, Soldo’s Product Designer

What do Freud and Soldo have in common? Find out this week, in a blogpost we’re featuring by our Product Designer, Francesca Negro, who uses analytical psychology to showcase her unique 9-step approach to UX and Product Design.

Francesca is a devoted yogi and gamer who studied design at Parsons School of Design in New York City, before flying over to London to bring her skills to Soldo.

Before design took over her life, Foucault-fan Francesca studied psychology and spent six months working in a secure supported housing unit for people with long-term mental health problems. She now uses her knowledge of psychology to place the human end-user at the centre of her UX and Product Design work.

Read Francesca’s article on the Circle of Product Design here, on Prototypr‘s Medium blog, complete with stunning, whimsical illustrations.