Enterprise, Variable Spend

How to banish last-minute chaos and breeze through financial month-end

Accounting Tips, Interviews

Reimagining the Accountant/CFO relationship

Enterprise, Variable Spend

How Finance Leaders Can Use Tech for Greater Spend Visibility


Love and Job Searching

Soldo News

This is why we might block or freeze a Soldo account

Fintech, Interviews

Fintech in 2020: This Year’s Big Trends with Tanya Andreasyan

Fintech, Interviews

Banking with Purpose: An Interview with Aritra Chakravarty


Expense Fraud: Catch it Before it Catches You

Business Expenses, Enterprise

How Much Could Your Company Save on Expenses?

Fintech, Interviews

The Future of Finance is Fintech: An Interview with Charlotte Crosswell

Soldo, Venture Capital

New Research for 2020: UK start-ups secure funding with ease but struggle with spending.

Fintech, Interviews

The Fintech Decade: An Interview with David Brear

Fintech, Interviews

Keeping Up with Big Data: GeoSpock and the Smart City Revolution

Interviews, Venture Capital

The Applied VC: full-service funding instead of commoditised capital

Interviews, Venture Capital

The Hit-Maker: Meet the Tech Investor with a 20 Year Track Record

Accounting Tips, Corporate Cards

PSD2 is Coming: How to Prep Your Practice

Fintech, Interviews

Meet the CFO: Fiona Tee, Currency Cloud

Business Expenses, Variable Spend

Expense Nightmares: When Employee Spend Goes Out of Control

Corporate Cards, Variable Spend

Should Large Companies Use Corporate Credit Cards for Expense Management?

Disruptive tech, Interviews

Onfido are Using Digital ID Management to Offer Banking to Everyone

3 Top tips for companies hiring whilst scaling

Disruptive tech, Interviews

Look Who’s Talking: An Interview with PolyAI

Fintech, Interviews

iwoca: simplifying the borrowing journey for SMEs

Variable Spend

How to Streamline Company Expense Processes

Media Buying

How to Cure the Biddable Media Buying Migraine

Fintech, Interviews

Investment and Brexit from Tech London Advocates

Fintech, Interviews

Can fintech help the world’s 1.7BN unbanked? Dana Lunberry Talks Financial Inclusion

Fintech, Interviews

Digital Transformation: How Corporate Culture Responds to the Internet

Fintech, Interviews

The Fintech Second Wave: Unlocking our Digital Financial Lifestyles

Fintech, Interviews

The modern CFO: data-wrangler for corporate strategy

Featured, Soldo News

Get in The Loop: Make sure Soldo works for you

Fintech, Interviews

Incumbent vs. Challenger: Don’t be Fooled by Fintech’s ‘Blur vs. Oasis’

Fintech, Interviews

The Revolution Won’t be Monetised: A New Business Model for Banking

Fintech, Interviews

User-focused Fintech: The Consumer is the Winner

Fintech, Interviews

The Fintech Tightrope: Opportunities and Dangers

Accounting Tips, Business, Business Expenses

Better and more than banks: Adding efficiency in payments

Accounting Tips, Business, Business Expenses

Expenses and staff retention: The unanticipated link

Accounting Tips, Business, Business Expenses, Interviews

The digital practice: adapt and thrive in a tech-enabled world

Fintech, Interviews

Fintech futures: Where next for banking?

Accounting Tips, Business, Interviews

What do Millennials want from an accountant?

Accounting Tips, Featured

The missing pieces of the ‘live accounting’ puzzle

Accounting Tips, Interviews

Automation in accountancy: a lean practice with a human touch

Business, Interviews

One technology, a lot of saved time: Paul Bulpitt on the importance of automating accounts

Business, Interviews

Automate your business: Emma Jones, MBE, discusses tech and operational efficiency for SMBs

Accounting Tips, Business, Business Expenses, Corporate Cards, Soldo

Can businesses improve the way they manage employee spending?


Soldo partnering with Small Business Grants

Business, Business Expenses, Business Travel, Corporate Cards, Online Shopping

Taxis, drinks and iPads – what your employees are already expensing and how to get a handle on it

Business Expenses, Featured

Am I wrong to be upset that my boss expects me to pay for my expenses upfront?

Business, Fintech

Soldo’s Weekly Roundup of Financial Software News for CFOs – 2nd May 2018

Business Travel, Featured

How to Handle Cash Emergencies and Keep the Show on the Road

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