Flexibly manage your company funds

With Soldo, it’s easy to organise your company money. Organise shared or dedicated funds with different wallets, so everyone always has the money they need. Then set budgets and spending controls for individuals or teams.

All the features you need to stay on top of company spending

Get dedicated transfer details

Choose your funding options

Transfer funds into Soldo easily, in a way that suits you. Use dedicated transfer details or direct deposits (open banking). Then flexibly move funds between different wallets.

Manage spending in multiple currencies

Manage multiple currencies

Set up cards, company wallets, and main wallets in multiple currencies. Soldo supports EUR, GBP, and USD.

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Organise your funds in different wallets

Use Soldo’s wallets to organise and ringfence funds for different employees, teams, and departments, so you can manage multiple budgets, stay on top of your spending, and give everyone the funds they need.

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Make sure employees have the funds they need with auto top-ups

Make sure individuals and teams always have access to funds with auto top-ups that transfer money regularly or when funds reach a low balance.


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