Manage your company funds flexibly

Soldo gives you complete flexibility. Transfer funds into Soldo quickly and simply, then organise your money easily using different wallets for different individuals, teams, or projects. Control budgets and spending in a way that suits you.

More choice and flexibility

Mirror how your organisation is set up. Then segregate funds or allow teams and individuals to draw from the same wallet.

Move funds as you need to

Move your funds to individuals and teams as they need them. Change each card’s funding source at any time.

Control company spending

Load funds into Soldo as you need them, without frustrating admin. So, it’s easier to control your company spending.

Features that make a difference

Load your account easily and securely via Open Banking

Load your account easily and securely via Open Banking

Load your Soldo account easily in seconds, without leaving the platform via Open Banking. No more memorising account details or lengthy data entry. Automatically connect to over If your bank isn’t included, let us know. Make safety a priority and cut the potential for errors when inputting account numbers and details.

Get dedicated transfer details

Get dedicated transfer details

Every Soldo main wallet has its own transfer details including sort code, account number and IBAN, enabling you to deposit funds into.

Customise your funding set up

Customise your funding set up

Set up employee card to draw from a dedicated user wallet and a company card to draw money from a dedicated reserved wallet, to help you allocate funds and manage budgets. Or allow all cards to share funds from the main wallet or a company wallet for ease. If the main wallet is your funding source, make sure you configure card limits to control your cash flow on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Change where cards draw funds from at any time, for complete flexibility and additional control over cashflow.

Keep teams spending without extra admin

Keep teams spending without extra admin

Set up low-balance notifications and auto- top ups between wallets so your teams and employees are never left without funds. Set up periodically, or once a balance drops below a certain amount, you choose.

Choose the perfect plan

Get everything you need to manage spending and breeze through expense reporting.
Pick the perfect plan for your business and apply in minutes, with no credit check.

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