Petty cash cards for your business: a smarter, more secure way to spend

Soldo petty cash cards offer a better way to manage business and employee expenses.

Petty Cash Cards for business and employee expenses

Cash can be hard to manage, switch to company cards that give you control over spending


Never make another last-minute trip to the bank – instantly send money to employees from anywhere


Save hours on manual admin with our expense management platform and mobile app

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25,000+ businesses trust Europe’s leading patty cash cards platform

Get complete oversight of company spend

Get complete oversight of company spend

With Soldo company cards, you control your business expenses and who spends company money, how much, on what, and which budget they use.
Set custom rules and limits for each card in a few clicks to prevent overspending , without micromanaging every transaction.

Free up time for higher impact work

Free up time for higher impact work

How much time do you spend working through expense reimbursements? Querying mistakes, or chasing missing receipts? Probably more than you’d like to.
Soldo company cards make spending less complex. No out-of-pocket spending means no more reimbursements – saving finance teams hours on expense processing.

Easy expenses, controlled company spend

Easy expenses, controlled company spend

When you switch to Soldo, you make expenses easy and fair for everyone involved.
Soldo company cards give the right people controlled access to company money, so no one has to spend time on expense claims or reimbursements. Our expense management platform and mobile app are user-friendly and intuitive. They reduce manual effort in a variety of ways, from automating finance processes for finance teams to allowing employees to capture receipts at point of purchase.

Soldo integrates with your accounting software

Soldo integrates with your accounting software

Copying data between multiple systems isn’t just annoying – it wastes time and increases the likelihood of manual input errors. Soldo connects with your accounting software so you can track, manage, and report on employee expenses and company spending. All in one place.
Reconcile in a single click, manage month-end faster. Rely on real-time, accurate spend and expense data.

Keep company money safe and secure

Keep company money safe and secure

You can sign up for Soldo’s prepaid cards without a credit check. Our quick application process means you could be up and running tomorrow.

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What our clients think about us

“In the past, expense reimbursement took one and a half days, and now it takes slightly more than half a business day.”

Marco Valerio Izzo, Buzzoole
Finance Manager

“Since we started using Soldo, it’s been such a relief not to have to regularly email or phone the banks to ask for our credit card limits to be raised. I love Soldo’s flexibility – it’s so easy to maintain and everything is in real time.”

Dennis Koehler, Get Your Guide
Head of Payments and Fraud

“Soldo has enabled us to close our old corporate credit card scheme, remove petty cash from our business and reduce the number of expense claims we process. This has reduced the administrative burden, replacing separate…”

Lee Jaques, Bruntwood
Finance Project Manager

“We need to have non-nominative cards, in multiple currencies, attached to powerful reporting that integrates with Sage. Soldo ticks all those boxes.”

Paraag Amin, DotDigital
Former CFO

All Soldo plans include

Everything you need to get started

Soldo Mastercard® cards

Get as many cards as you need for employees and departments. Our contactless cards are accepted by millions of merchants worldwide.

Web console and mobile app

See spending in real time on the web console. View balances, capture receipts and manage cards on the employee app.

Accounting integration

Export transaction data to every major accounting software, in two clicks. Connect expenses to Xero and QuickBooks.

Free & unlimited transactions

Soldo Mastercard® cards have no fees for domestic transactions and our foreign exchange fee is fixed at just 1%.

No charge for deposits

It’s free to add funds, and money is available to spend instantly. Allocate funds to cards when your team needs it.

Dedicated support

Need a hand? Our friendly customer success team is at your service, providing support whenever you need it.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a prepaid business card?

A prepaid business card gives employees controlled access to company money. Instead of having to use their own money (pay out-of-pocket), employees can use a company card to make purchases that relate to their work. 

With Soldo, you can allocate physical cards or virtual company cards to specific employees, teams, departments or projects to be used for spending with a pre-approved and allocated budget. Soldo company cards can be used to pay for business travel, for example, entertain clients or for recurring payments such as online subscriptions.

How do expense cards work?

Expense cards give employees access to company money for business purchases. Finance teams can then control spending by allocating expense cards with custom limits and rules that ensure all payments adhere to their expense policy. 

Soldo company cards can be plastic or virtual cards and used online or in-store. You can choose to give individual employees a Soldo card with their name on the front. These can be used for as long as an employee works at the company, or cancelled in seconds if needed. You can also create temporary virtual card for employees who don’t need regular access to company money. These are only valid for a set number of purchases over a limited period of time. 

Can I put business expenses on my personal card?

Whether or not you can put business expenses on your personal card will depend on your company’s employee expense policy. Some companies will allow you to use your personal card and then they’ll pay you back as an expense reimbursement. 

It’s important to check the expense policy first because this will tell you what kind of purchases are approved and how much you’re allowed to spend on specific items or within particular expense categories. If you put a business expense on your personal card that falls outside of the expense policy, your request for an expense reimbursement may not be approved which means you won’t be able to get your money back. 

How do you monitor monthly expenses?

The most efficient way to monitor monthly expenses is by using an expense management platform. This allows you to set rules and limits around expenses and then review and track them in real-time with visibility over who is spending, on what and how much. 

Soldo company cards are a great way to make sure employees don’t have to spend their money on business expenses. But, if they do pay out-of-pocket for something, you can add those to Soldo too (even if they pay in cash). Then it’s quick and easy to download a reimbursement report so you know which employees to pay back. Monitoring monthly expenses through a single platform like this is easier than switching between spreadsheets or other systems and is less susceptible to human error. 

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