Petty Cash Cards for business and employee expenses

Soldo petty cash cards offer a better way to manage business expenses

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All you need to manage petty cash from end to end

Prepaid company cards

Give your people Mastercard® cards with built-in budgets and rules.

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Capture receipts, notes and tags – right at the point of purchase.

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Manage and track spending effortlessly, then automate accounting.

What are petty cash cards?

Petty cash cards are an alternative to keeping a physical cash fund for work expenses. Using a preloaded card, employees can pay for their business expenses, while accounts and management can benefit from full oversight. Petty cash cards can generally be used anywhere you can pay with a credit or debit card.

What’s the problem with petty cash?

Even if you’re using a petty cash book to track your business spending, there are better ways to handle business expenses.

First, lots of businesses use a simple petty cash system which leaves them open to accounting errors. The whole process can be a headache for anybody doing the admin too, especially if employees don’t submit receipts correctly. Trying to reconcile expense payments takes up valuable time, and that can be frustrating when the payments relate to minor everyday purchases like fuel or printer ink.

What are the benefits of petty cash cards?

One of the benefits of prepaid petty cash cards is that they’re easy to use. Once you’ve loaded money on, your staff will be good to go. It’s a cost-efficient money management solution that’s easy to implement, and it takes away all the risk of a petty cash fund without introducing the high costs of a company credit card.

How does a prepaid petty cash card work?

Soldo equips businesses with prepaid petty cash cards and a platform that allows you to distribute funds and track how they’re spent all from an app on your phone or desktop. With the option to add card spending limits, you’ll never have to worry about going over budget again. You can even create rules that suit your employee expenses policy, making sure that the cards are only used for approved purposes and enabling cash withdrawals should the need arise.

It’s a complete replacement for the petty cash box, and will change the way you look at expenses.