Stop losing taxi receipts – a quick and easy trick anyone can try

17 May 2017  |   3 minutes read

Taxi receipts are one of the most frequently mislaid expense items. It makes sense because business people take taxis in order to get things done faster. You’re always on the way somewhere, so the receipt inevitably gets shoved in a bag somewhere, and perhaps discarded later in an accidental cull.

Blank taxi receipts don’t help either

It doesn’t make things easier that taxi drivers often give blank taxi receipts – they’re in a hurry too. You might manage not to lose the receipt itself but, especially if you or your staff take frequent taxis, you might not remember what the journey was for, or how much it cost.

Deal with taxi receipts immediately, or face chaos later

But when it’s time to show HMRC the proof they want, taxi receipts are often nowhere to be found.

Like so many things in life, taxi receipts must be dealt with immediately.

Soldo Business’ simple solution to the problem of taxi receipts

Soldo Business Mastercard works in tandem with a free app for users.

The app allows your users to take photos of taxi receipts (while they’re still in the taxi if they like) and upload them to each transaction.

Then, when you come to downloading one of Soldo’s two-click expense reports, the taxi receipts will already be there, right next to each purchase. They can even add notes, such as “Taxi to catch train for meeting with Client X”, as well as tags (which you would define), like “Project T.”

Watch the short video above to see it in action.


Taxi receipts are just one of many company spending problems that Soldo Business solves. Visit to find out more today.

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