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Insights on spend and expense management

Insights on spend and expense management

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Lady at a food bank
The ongoing cost-of-living crisis

With individuals and communities being effected by the cost-of-living, we are looking at how businesses can help tackle the crisis

2 days ago
Construction worker working onsite
How construction companies can end the expenses nightmare

Your workers make vital purchases every day. But construction expenses management remains mired in old, bureaucratic ways of working.

4 days ago
CFO planning for 2023 business trends with his team.
What does 2023 hold? The key trends CFOs must watch out for in the coming year

From rising costs to continued economic uncertainty, 2023 has the makings of a turbulent year for businesses. But while the next 12 months will undoubtedly be challenging, there are also exciting opportunities ahead. In this post, we’ll look at the key 2023 business trends that should be at the top of every CFO’s mind. And while […]

1 week ago
Business software
Business software: five benefits companies can’t afford to miss out on

By investing in the right business software, you’ll stay competitive and productive – while saving time, effort and money. Here’s how.

1 week ago
Burn rate
Three tools to help scale-ups manage burn rate

For high-growth companies, knowing how to manage burn rate is essential. Here are three digital tools to help extend your cash runway as you scale.

2 weeks ago
Key dates for 2023 being planned out
Key dates for accountants in business –  2023

Planning is critical. Missing deadlines and paying incorrect values can result in the business receiving fines and needing to undertake time-consuming admin

2 weeks ago
Team discussing finance automation
The automation checklist for 2023

Cloud vendors have several automation features you may not be aware of, such as fixed asset register maintenance and the option to post recurring journals.

3 weeks ago
Business leaders discussing how to make employees redundant
How to compliantly and legally make employees redundant

The UK benefits from strong employee rights. As the employer, there are several steps you must follow to compliantly make employees redundant. Failing to do so can result in costly legal fees, payouts and reputational damage.

Follow our guide below to make sure you follow procedures by the book.

4 weeks ago
CFO presenting to his team
How to become a CFO: 5 unusual ways to the top of the finance ladder
2 months ago
Soldo are award winners
Soldo wins Fintech of the Future at the Banking Tech Awards
2 months ago
Christmas shopping
Five business lessons you can learn from your Christmas shopping

There are plenty of business lessons to learn from a good Christmas shopping experience. We’ve wrapped up five of them as our gift to you.

2 months ago
An office team that may be subject to layoffs
How to handle layoffs with empathy

While the compliance process for how to do this can be followed through sequential steps (and will be covered in a companion piece to this post), you’ll also need to deal with soon-to-be departing employees empathetically.

2 months ago
Employment Allowance
Employment Allowance: everything you need to know

Your handy cheat sheet for what Employment Allowance is, who’s eligible and how to claim plus where to find more detailed information.

2 months ago
Business leaders discussing how to make employees redundant
How to demonstrate sustainable growth

Several CEOs of affected companies have made public statements saying they are reengineering their businesses to meet growth needs, but just not on the scale of what they previously thought was possible.

2 months ago
Transportation driver
Trends in transportation: Cash and fuel cards no longer work

Cash and fuel cards no longer work for Fleet Managers and Operation Managers, as they experience immense frustration among themselves and their drivers on a daily basis. Currently, the economy and fuel crisis call for new solutions in a sector with low mutual trust. Soldo provides a simple, insightful, and user-friendly payment solution to drivers.

2 months ago
Claim Employment Allowance 2022 23
How to claim Employment Allowance 2022/23

Step-by-step instructions to make a successful Employment Allowance 2022/23 claim through your payroll software or HMRC’s Basic Payroll Tools.

2 months ago
Freight driver - transportation
Transport companies: control all expenses easily with one smart card 

Prevent drivers from having to pay for fuel in cash or out of pocket. Make expenses easier for everyone with smart payment cards for fuel and other costs such as overnight stays, repairs and parking. No more expense paperwork, and more time to do valuable work.

2 months ago
Employment Allowance eligibility
Employment Allowance eligibility explained

Wondering whether your business is eligible for Employment Allowance 2022/23? Wrapping your head around the rules can be complicated, so we’ve broken them down to make it simple for you.

2 months ago

Frequently asked questions

Does Soldo suit big or small businesses better?

We designed Soldo with infinite scale in mind and it works brilliantly for clients of all shapes and sizes, from one-man bands to large corporates.

Can I use Soldo card without the mobile app?

Yes you can, but you’ll not be getting the full advantages of Soldo! Both plastic and virtual cards can be used without the Soldo mobile app. The mobile app’s unique features include:​

  • The ability to upload your receipts as soon as you complete the purchase​
  • The possibility to track expenses in real time ​

We recommend that you download the mobile app in order to get the full Soldo experience along with the real-time notifications on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.​

Are there limits on card purchases and cash machine withdrawals?

Yes, but only as an extra measure to safeguard your funds. We tailor these limits to your own unique profile, to make sure they never prevent your team from buying what they need. You can see our baseline limits for each card below:

Maximum value for one purchase

  • Per transaction: £10,000
  • Per day: £20,000
  • Per calendar month: £75,000

Maximum no. of purchases

  • Per transaction: N/A
  • Per day: 100
  • Per calendar month: 3,000

Maximum cash machine withdrawal

  • Per transaction: £200
  • Per day: £1,500
  • Per calendar month: £5,000

Maximum no. of cash machine withdrawals

  • Per transaction: N/A
  • Per day: 8
  • Per calendar month: 25
Are there limits or other fees?

You can discover all Soldo fees here and standard limits here.

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