What are the best SaaS applications for business finance?

For those working in finance, there are numerous SaaS (Software as a Service) applications to help you run all aspects of your day to day accounting. We take a brief look at some of the essential business finance SaaS platforms in the UK. 


NetSuite features a range of very easy to navigate dashboards, all of which fit together in a logical hierarchy. Workflows can be customised to meet business needs, and reports can be produced in a variety of different ways. NetSuite has been praised for its usability, but users have suggested that the help system could be easier to navigate. This scalable solution can be useful in businesses of varying sizes.


A full-service package, FinancialForce can provide businesses with myriad customisation options and rich features. Integrating tightly with SalesForce, it provides users with the ability to pick up and run with the software very easily, but with a focus on back end financial data such as budgeting, fiscal metrics and bookkeeping. According to many users, this a popular and affordable enterprise solution.


With tiered offerings catering for start-ups to enterprise, Soldo combines prepaid business cards with a centralised web console and management suite. Soldo’s prepaid cards enable companies to set specific rules for employee spending, as well as capturing receipts and providing real-time views of transactions. The web console gives admins real-time, detailed insights into spending across the company, allowing for budgets to be managed effectively. 

Sage Intacct

Whilst NetSuite competes with SalesForce, Sage Intacct is a new provider on the market. While offering a few less features than NetSuite, Intacct’s integration with SalesForce makes it is an excellent choice for those already using the SalesForce application. Additionally, Intacct integrates with other CRM systems, so while there may be some growing pains as the software is relatively new to the market, it may very well be a worthy addition to your current tech stack. 

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is part of the much loved Zoho suite, which has gained a loyal following in recent years. Enabling small businesses to keep up with their accounting online, Zoho Books allows for sharing and collaboration across your business.

Godaddy Bookkeeping 

For many business owners, the thought of bookkeeping and managing crucial other accountancy issues can prove somewhat daunting. The innovative systems created by Godaddy Bookkeeping (formerly known as Outright) provide business owners with the ability to automate a wide range of tasks, allowing them to mitigate the work involved in a number of essential accounting functions.

If you’re looking for a SaaS application to help with your accounting, there are many on the market. Be sure to do your research first – consider your team size, your budget and make the most of any free trials! 

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