Make the Season Sparkle with Virtual Cards

Keep your team smiling through a much-needed holiday season. Share a little festive joy by managing your team’s online spending with Soldo virtual cards.

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Benefits that really shine through

Spread a little cheer

Don’t ask employees to front funds for purchases – delight them with a brighter way.

Stay in remote control

Keep on top of costs across your business, even when you’re cosying up by the fire.

Don’t get snowed under

Automate processes to save time and avoid an avalanche of admin after the break.

Control costs (without feeling like Scrooge)

See spending in real time
Keeping an eye on the bottom line doesn’t have to feel Dickensian. Give your employees the means to pay with virtual prepaid cards, and track spending in real time.

Control costs effortlessly
Set budgets to manage costs at an expensive time of year. Define daily, weekly, or monthly budgets and choose which virtual cards can spend where in a few clicks.

Spend time where it matters this Christmas

Simplify reporting
Give employees an easy way to report all spending. Pay with virtual cards and capture invoices, VAT, categories and more – all in seconds, right after purchase.

Automate admin
Make light work of card top ups: automate the process with your own limits. And create categorisation rules to automate classification. There’s no need to lift a finger.

transactions report

Shine a light on seasonal ad campaigns

Manage Google ads
Take the strain off the finance by granting more autonomy to marketers. Our new Google virtual cards make it easy for marketing to pay for Google AdWords ads.

Track digital ad spend
Help your marketing team to track all online ad spending in one place. Virtual cards simplify spend tracking and budget management for Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Wrap up perks and pressies in a jiffy

Make benefits beautiful
Home office decoration budgets… Christmas lunch from Deliveroo… A festive tipple or two. Virtual cards make it easy to empower Christmas spending – from anywhere.

Pick the perfect pressie
Forget Secret Santa – this year, let your team pick their own presents. Load virtual cards with a set sum, and let them choose how and where they spend it.


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More of what you love

With Soldo virtual cards, it’s easy to spread the benefits of Soldo across your business. Just create cards in a few clicks, and employees will be ready to make payments instantly.

Instant issuing

Virtual cards can be created in a few clicks, and they’re ready to use in seconds.

Serious security

Cards can be locked and unlocked in a click, for safer dispersed-team spending.

Low exchange fees

Pay just 1% above the interbank FX rate to cut the cost of international business.

Manage your Google Ads payments

Get all the visibility and control you expect from Soldo, even when making payments to Google. Our new Google cards help you to manage all your spending on Google Ads – all from one place.

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Order virtual cards and spend instantly

You can order virtual cards at any time by following these steps. First, log into the Soldo web console and add a user or expense centre and corresponding wallet, then:


Click ‘Configure’ and select a user or expense centre

Add Card

Select ‘Add Card’ and choose a virtual or Google card

Place Order

Then select ‘Next’ and, lastly, ‘Place Order’