The modern finance team’s guide to strategic spend management

Finance teams today are caught between tradition and transformation.

The way forward? A new approach to spend management.

The evolving role of the finance team

The evolving role of the finance team

A finance team’s responsibilities no longer stop at the spreadsheet.

You’re a critical influence over decision-making and the source of insights that fuel commercial growth.

But routine admin hasn’t simply given way to strategic impact. Now, you’re expected to do both.

Here’s how to adapt and excel in your evolving role.

Resources for every stage of your evolution

It’s difficult to meet the growing demands of your new role when you’re still dealing with the same old challenges: tedious admin coupled with inaccessible or insufficient financial data. Here, you’ll find a wide range of resources to help you identify the stumbling blocks and learn how to overcome them.

6 warning signs no finance team should ignore

6 warning signs no finance team should ignore

Finance teams are regularly faced with one complicated problem after another. Sometimes though, they all have a common cause.

Download this guide if:

  • Budgets are almost impossible to control
  • You have no single source of spend truth
  • Employees wait ages for access to money
5 key benefits of a spend management platform

What to do when your spend control processes no longer serve you

You already know that manual spend control isn’t the way forward if you’re going to keep up with the pace of change. But what’s the alternative?

Simple: a spend management platform.

Explore the 5 key benefits for your finance team.

8 things to consider when comparing spend management platforms

How to choose the right spend management platform

Wondering what makes a good spend management platform? And, more than that, how to identify whether a particular solution is right for your finance team?

In this guide, we’ve narrowed down 8 essential factors to consider when comparing solutions.

3 ways Soldo simplifies spend management

Why thousands of businesses choose Soldo

Here’s what happens when you manage spend with Soldo:

  • Budgets are easy to set and control
  • Staff get instant access to money
  • You have real-time spend visibility

In short, we simplify routine responsibilities so you can make the most strategic impact.

“Soldo will help us identify where our money should be spent.”

– Finance Manager, Health and Social Care

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