Spend smart. Grow faster.

Our smart company cards help people and teams get the job done without admin getting in the way. No wonder the best in business choose Soldo.

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Your business moves faster with Soldo

Soldo takes care of spending, so you can concentrate on
smashing your targets. Join the best in business and ignite
your company’s growth with:

Absolute visibility
See spending as it happens with a real-time company-wide view.

Complete control
Get a grip on spending with budgets for everyone and
every team.

Full automation
Forget about financial admin, Soldo does the hard yards
for you.

Focus on growing (we’ve got your back)

Why choose a spend management solution that you’ll outgrow… Unlike other spend management systems, Soldo reflects the shape of your organisation with wallets for teams, departments, and projects. So, you get granular control (and clearer visibility) over all spending.

That’s why Soldo is the only spend management solution that scales with you. Add as many cards as you need and slot in new departments as you grow. Whatever your size, we’re by your side.

Stay on top of every penny

See transaction information including VAT, categories, and more, the minute a purchase is made. Employees just snap a photo of any receipt in their app, add a note and it’s logged for you to see in real time. It’s as easy as a couple of clicks.

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We’re setting the pace in spend management


Get a grip on your spend

Take control of who spends what and where with budgets for everyone and every team. Make sure your money works harder by setting rules for where money can be spent. And provide access to a set balance for consummate control.

Save hours of admin

Swap unending statements for unicorn status. Soldo shaves 45 minutes off the average expense report, so your team can get back to business. And it syncs with accounting software including Xero, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite and more.