Manage marketing spend with virtual cards

Enable marketers to manage digital ad spend while cutting wasted time on admin tasks. Soldo virtual cards make payments for online ads, next-day printing, and stock content easy, providing a live view of what’s being spent and where. 

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Pay for and track marketing spend with ease

Simplify payments for everyone

Remove the complications of payments with dedicated cards for any campaign or project.

Keep your campaigns running

Don’t hit arbitrary credit card spending limits – set the limits you want and automate top-ups. 

Track and report with ease

Get a centralised view of all marketing spend, updated in real time. Then automate reporting.

Manage spend on any advertising platform

Pay for any and all online marketing – all from one place. Create dedicated virtual cards to pay for advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, taking the strain off finance. Make it easy to buy ads across the Google platform with our Google virtual cards.

Using soldo prepaid cards. observe team spend management from Soldo expense management software

Stick to the script with built-in budgets

Set budgets to manage costs across ad platforms. Define daily, weekly, and monthly budgets, and choose which virtual cards can spend where. Get live updates on spending and identify trends by each platform; the Analytics dashboard provides a glanceable view of costs.

Make one-off spending easy and secure

Paying for next-day printing, marketplace content, or a software plugin? Empower anyone to pay with our Purchases functionality. Employees simply make a request – detailing how much and for what – and managers can review then approve to create a single-use virtual card.

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Cut the leg work for your finance team

Matching invoices and statements to cross-platform spend is easy with Soldo. Our platform connects payments to invoices, VAT, and categories for effortless reconciliation. Time to do the bookkeeping? Stream everything to your accounting software through integrations.

Keep marketing spending safe from fraud

Cut the risk of credit cards falling into the wrong hands. Soldo uses strong customer authentication to keep the door closed to internal fraud and scams. Concerned about a card? Freeze or cancel any card in an instant from the Soldo mobile app or web console.

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‘Soldo was a real revolution for us because it simplified everything instantly with a totally centralised, convenient, and fast system. We have gained in terms of time, performance, and reporting.’
– Angelo Di Veroli, CEO, Blackgeek Ltd

Everything you need to manage marketing spend

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Smart company cards

Designate virtual Mastercard® cards to any campaign, ad group, or ad platform. 

Icon Reporting

Customised wallets  

Give people and campaigns dedicated balances or share pots as you choose.  

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Flexible spend controls

Set custom spending limits for any card per transaction, day, week, and month.  

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Mobile and web management

Track transactions in real time and easily manage spending across your business.  

Single-use virtual cards

Instantly issue cards with the exact balance requested, and that expire after use.

Built-in approvals

Get notified when an employee makes a request, then approve or deny in a click. 

Accounting integrations  

Flow data to Xero, QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Sage; export CSV to any platform.

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Instant transfers 

Move money between wallets in a couple of clicks, it’s ready to spend instantly. 

Automatic card top-ups

Keep your campaigns running with automated periodic or balance-triggered top-ups.

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