On-demand Webinar: Employee engagement in the new normal

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How can we empower and incentivise employees in a world of remote working?

It’s been five months since Covid-19 disrupted businesses around the world, and the topic of employee engagement remains at the heart of the conversation.

As remote working moves from a temporary solution to the new normal, it’s time to do better than back-to-back Zoom calls and online socials. How can we make employees feel connected across long distances? More importantly, how can we give employees what they need to do their best work?

Join us to discover…

What are some of the challenges companies have faced recently in motivating and engaging their employees?

What are companies observing among employees starting a job remotely?

How does leadership communication needs to be adapted to address fears, concerns and uncertainty of employees?

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What are companies doing to empower their employees, during this period?

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How do companies maintain relationships and power of community when working remotely?


Asha Haji, COO & Co-Founder of Founders Academy

Asha has spent her career developing transformative products and experiences at the intersection of people, technology and education. She is the Co-Founder and COO of Founders Academy, a new type of business school that develops leaders who will harness new technologies to build a better world. She was previously Chief Product Officer at SchoolApply, a platform connecting international students with study abroad opportunities, and spent nearly seven years at Education First, a world leader in international education.


Dynshaw Italia, CFO of Soldo

Dynshaw is CFO at Soldo. He has over 20 years of experience working with fast-growing brands, including Cobra, Lebara, and CreditEnable, in leadership and board member positions. He’s held operations, finance, IT and HR roles, and his specialities include building finance functions to deal with growth and scale, raising finance, acquisitions and change management.


Christian Gabriel, CEO & Founder of Capdesk

Christian is an equity visionary and innovator, dedicating his career to helping companies unlock the value of their equity through information and technology. While working as the director for an investment platform, Christian saw that private companies lacked the tools to make their most powerful asset – equity – understandable, transparent and easy to manage. That’s when he created Capdesk, and unleashed his vision of democratising wealth in the private sector.


Sara Sabin, Leadership & Business Coach

A qualified accountant, a startup Founder, a coach: Sara’s been through many transformations over the years, and now uses her experiences and expertise to transform others. She leverages neuroscience, positive psychology and cutting edge transformative techniques to help Founders shift mindset and bring innovation, creativity and profitability to their startups. Her clients become more influential and more effective, and lead thriving, sustainable businesses.

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