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Our expense experts have conducted a study to find out how different industries use their business claim privileges around the world.

The data used to power this study and its subsequent interactive tool was extracted directly from transactions made via Soldo. The main goal of the study was to reveal the industries, globally, that are claiming the most in business expenses and what they are claiming expenses on. For the study, we analyzed the expenses claims of the top 20 industries worldwide:

Courier services | Government | IT | Transportation | Media | Communications | Retail | Technology | Engineering | Construction | Consulting | Telecommunications | Manufacturing | Machinery | Travel | Healthcare | Entertainment | Not for profit | Finance and Food & beverage.

This study will provide you an interesting snapshot into how most commonly claimed expenses vary between sectors. To use the tool, select from the drop down menus the industries you would like to compare and find out what their top expenses are:


Our expenses statistics have revealed that courier service industry workers rank as the biggest claimers overall. Looking into what they are claiming we can see the 99% of their expenses are going towards food at stores. Making up the top three industries with the biggest claimers are people working for the government and in third is the IT industry.

By expenses categories:

Globally, the most claimed type of expenses are:

  • Food Stores
  • Business Services
  • Eating Out
  • Petrol
  • Taxi Fare

By country:

When analysing splits by country it is clear that Italians are the serial expense spenders with 82% more transactions than second placed UK. Making up the top five are Germany, Czech Republic and Holland who are all outweighing the rest of Europe when it comes to business expenses.


We wanted to, first off, find the top industries which are making the most claims. Next we wanted to add the top 10 claimed items per industry to reveal each industry’s spending habits and how they change as the industry changes. We then grouped the claims by country to find the most prolific claiming countries.