Webinar: Get employee expenses right – They matter more than ever

3 March 2023  |  2 minutes read

The cost of living crisis and employee expenses

With the increase in energy bills and other essential living costs in the last year, most people are feeling the effect on their finances, and employees are no exception; more so those being asked to pay expenses out of their own pockets.

In many companies, the expense management process is still manual and time-consuming: employees submit expenses, fill out spreadsheets, and provide receipts at the end of the month for reimbursement. Automating the process can speed up expense reviews, reduce errors, and alleviate the strain on employees’ finances.

Key topics 

  • What’s wrong with traditional expense management processes and how they impact employees
  • How an automated solution can cut out the extra work
  • How Soldo takes the hassle out of expense management


  • Fran Badenhorst, UK Content Lead, Soldo
  • John Rakowski, Head of Product Marketing, Soldo


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