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Accountex 2023: Ice cream, demos and putting an end to complexity

23 May 2023  |   5 minutes read

‘Staying on top’, ‘on a mission’, ‘transform your business’: These were only a few snippets from Accountex 2023’s packed-out education programme. Ambitious stuff, indeed.

The punchy language is understandable. Economically speaking, it almost feels like we’re on a war footing. Indeed, things have been bumpy since 2020.

But far from creating a grim atmosphere at Accountex, Soldo’s team found that accountants and businesses are primed to crack on. Sleeves are rolled up and people are ready to work.

We left excited and re-energised. And it got us reflecting on the event itself. So how to sum up a big event like Accountex 2023? Well, it’s sort of impossible – but here are three things that stood out for us.

Ending complexity

From speaking to finance leaders at Accountex, Soldo’s team heard just how much time gets used up on manual tasks. Reconciliation, chasing receipts, badgering folks to submit expenses. It’s death by a thousand cuts. All of these little tasks stack up, leaving – in some cases – days a month lost to admin.

Successive British governments have openly opined on the UK’s ‘productivity puzzle’. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the country’s once robust productivity growth has fizzled. It’s growing – but at ‘a snail’s pace’ (as the FT dryly labelled it).

Britain must become more productive. Soldo isn’t the silver bullet. But we are certainly part of the solution. An expense management platform eliminates those hours and days wasted on admin, ends complexity and makes expenses fairer at a time when inflation is damaging people’s finances.

The human touch

Our stand played host to a lovely gelato station. And some of our very own Soldo people were on hand to serve punters at Accountex. It’s times like these that put the memories of sterile social distancing to bed.

Work and office life have changed, though. Many of us still work remotely or hybrid. Human interaction – that is, actual in-person contact – is rarer these days. An event like Accountex offers a refreshing change of pace.

Over 10,000 attendees visited Accountex over the two days. We couldn’t say hi to everyone, but those we did meet left us feeling inspired. And we certainly hope our product and our people left an impression, too.

Get set for growth

In so far as a consensus exists in Westminster, both the government and the opposition are laser-focused on growth. UK businesses are the fulcrum of this strategy.

Despite the economic gloom, we found that the finance leaders at Accountex remained sternly ambitious. And rather than dwelling too much on misfortune, many businesses were quietly building a repertoire of tools for the businesses they want to be.

That is, setting up the company now for more people, more customers, and more products. Technology – when it’s implemented intelligently – lets businesses scale easily. That’s the beauty of SaaS products: as the business grows, the products adjust seamlessly to match.

Would you like to book a demo?

If you met us at Accountex 2023 but didn’t book a demo, consider booking one today. We’d love to meet you and find out how we can help your business grow.

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