Will Soldo help me manage my expenses?

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You’re not only able to manage your expenses with Soldo: you can manage your spending before it ever gets that far.

Soldo is a platform designed from the ground up to give you absolute transparency and control over every payment your employees make. You’ll save time and money at every step of the spending cycle with the three components of our platform. Together, our prepaid cards, admin dashboard and mobile app work together to give you a better way to manage your expenses.


Control spending with the Soldo card

Our prepaid cards can be shared out amongst the members of your team, freelancers and contractors, or allocated to individual departments. Since every card payment automatically uploads to the dashboard, there’ll be no more wasted time tracking down unknown claims.

You can prevent overspending or misuse by customising each card with its own unique conditions. So if you don’t want someone on your team to make purchases outside of London, or to spend more than a set amount, you can impose rules and limits to make sure they can’t. This means there’ll be no big surprises for your finance team at the end of the month.

Automate the claims process with the Soldo app

The Soldo app is where cardholders receive updates on how much they’ve just spent and how much they have left to spend. But more importantly, it’s where they can submit their expense claims in seconds.

Your team members simply need to open the app, take a photo of their receipt and upload it in moments. Our software will extract the transaction details, so you don’t have to try and make sense of the receipt for yourself, or rifle through fifty of them at the end of the month.

Integrate accountancy software with our dashboard

Every claim your team submits via the app arrives on the dashboard, where you can set rules and limits, add funds to cards and freeze those that have been misplaced.

The admin dashboard is the real key to managing your expenses. From here, you can see an overview of your whole company, browse by department and expense type and review transactions in real time. You can also export data in a couple of clicks, to present insights into where and how your company’s money is being spent.

Our dashboard integrates with the most popular accountancy apps – from FreshBooks to Xero – to help you process expenses quicker. With these, you can automate expense reconciliation, and do away with all the paperwork you’re used to.

Managing expenses with Soldo

  • Set rules and limits to curb spending in the first place
  • Submit claims on the move with our intuitive app
  •  Review receipt details without the receipts themselves
  •  Oversee your entire business from our centralised admin dashboard
  • Transform data into insight with two-click reporting
  • Reconcile your expenses with accountancy software integration

How to get started

With Soldo, it takes a matter of moments to start managing your spending and your expenses:

  1. Sign up in minutes. With no credit checks involved, you’ll be up and running in one working day.
  2. Decide how many cards you need. You can order them via the dashboard, or create virtual cards for online purchases.
  3. Share out your cards. Add conditions to each card, give them to those who need them and transfer some funds

Just remember, when opening a Soldo business online account you need to have company directors details at hand

And whether you need help with integrations or just a bit of a reminder on how our tools work, you can get in touch with our Customer Success team for personalised support.