Is Soldo for SMEs?

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Soldo is the ideal way for SMEs to keep growing their business, their reputation and their ambition.

An all-in-one spending platform, Soldo offers a prepaid company card for each member of your staff, a mobile app for employees and a web console for admins. They work together to help you get back to the business that matters and helps you adapt to new priorities without hesitation. Let’s take a look at why they’re perfect for SMEs.

Anyone can have their own card

You can share cards with as many of your team members as you like, and request new ones at the drop of a hat. This means you can adapt as you grow, and give them to freelancers and contractors as and when you need them.

Top them up with as much money as you choose, while also having the ability to track company spending. You’ll be able to see each card’s latest transactions via the web console for admins.

You can stop runaway spending in its tracks

Even if you give members of your SME their own cards, you’ll still have complete control over their outgoings.

You can add rules and limits to each card, to prevent overspending or undesirable purchases. And with real-time updates, you’ll always be alerted if you need to step in. Simply top-up cards or block them altogether from the admin web console.

Your team can do their expenses in seconds

Staff and employees will receive an immediate notification once they’ve made their purchase. They can then log in, take a snap of their receipt and submit their expense claim all in one go.

As an admin, you’ll receive all the information you need, including the photo of the receipt, on the web console. This will help with managing your company’s expense claims

You can see everyone’s data in one place

Speaking of the web console, it’s where you’ll get an overview of all active cards and who’s holding them. You’ll also be able to search by expense type and more, so you’re always in the loop on what’s going on.

Create deep-dive expense reports

Learn where your company’s money is going and how it could be better spent by creating expense reports. Export the data you’ve gathered into a spreadsheet in a couple of clicks, and you’ll be able to spot patterns and trends easier than ever.

Plus, if you already have accountancy software in place, you’ll find it’s easy to link them up with the console.

Why choose Soldo?

  • Company cards for everyone
  • Rules and limits to prevent overspending
  • Individual, departmental and company spending in one place
  • Two-click reporting
  • Seamless integration with Xero and report export feature for using data with other accountancy software.

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