Is Soldo an expense management platform?

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Soldo is more than just an expense management platform: it gives you complete control over every aspect of the company spending cycle.

Between our prepaid cards, mobile app and admin dashboard, we’ve streamlined the whole process from purchase to reporting. You’ll gain greater oversight of expense claims, as well as the transaction itself – freeing you up to focus on the challenges that will help your business grow.


Make employee spending easier with the Soldo card

With our prepaid cards, you’re able to give your whole team the freedom to buy what they need, without taking your eye off the ball.

Allocate as many cards as you like across members of your team, freelancers and contractors, or dedicate individual cards to particular departments. With the option to set rules and limits for each employee or group of individuals, the cards need never be susceptible to overspending or misuse.

By laying down restrictions early on in the spending cycle, there’ll be no little surprises further down the line. You’ll be able to account for your outgoings at the start of the month by using your soldo business online account for managing your expenses.

Make expense reporting a thing of the past with the Soldo app

Submitting expenses takes seconds with the Soldo app. The moment a member of your team makes a payment with their Soldo card, they get an instant notification in the app and simply need to take a photo of the receipt – and that’s that!

They won’t need to hang onto their receipts, and you won’t need to deal with a pile of them stapled to a spreadsheet at the end of the month. They also don’t need to spend time filling in transaction details – the app does everything for them.

Report on the data and manage users with the admin dashboard

The dashboard is where you hold the reins. You can oversee everyone’s spending at a glance, or browse by department, expense type and more. All transactions will pop up on your dashboard in real time, meaning you can react the moment you notice something untoward.
This is also where you’ll be able to add those rules and limits we talked about, as well as send over additional funds to the card of your choice. And if you need to block a card altogether – maybe it’s gone missing – you can do that here, too.

You can create detailed admin reports in a couple of clicks, to suggest how to improve your spending strategy. We’ve also designed our software to integrate with all the popular accountancy apps, from Xero to Quickbooks.

Soldo at a glance

  • Give employees and departments their own cards and as much money as you like
  • Add customisable rules and limits to keep runaway spending in check
  • Use the app to submit expense claims from anywhere
  • Turn on instant notifications to receive updates on employee spending
  • Send extra funds in no time with free fund transfers
  • Create detailed reports in a couple of clicks

How to get started

  1. There’s nothing to stop you from getting started with Soldo right away. Sign up with us today, and we should have you all set up within one working day
  2. We’ll give you access to the dashboard, where you can order physical prepaid cards or generate virtual company cards
  3. Share the cards out among your team, and start reviewing their spending in real time

And remember, our customer service team is always happy to offer you personalised advice every step of the way.