Is Soldo a prepaid card?

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Soldo is more than just a prepaid card for company spending. Soldo is a complete business spend management platform that gives you more insight into every step of the spending cycle.

While prepaid spending cards are a key component of our solution, they work hand in hand with our mobile app and admin dashboard to help you spend smarter and save time and money.

Between them, you’ll be able to control the way your employees spend company money, speed up expense claims and expense reporting, and get instant insights into spending behaviour.

The Soldo Card

Soldo cards are prepaid business cards. You can add as much money as you like at a time, and give out as many as you like to your team. There is also the option to provide individual employees or departments with virtual company cards, giving them the ability to make online purchases.

This may be permanent members of your team, those working on a freelance or contract basis, or departments as a whole. Every card will be allocated to a specific user, meaning you’ll always have oversight of who’s spending what.

Choosing the right company card is essential. If you decide to use prepaid business cards, you can make sure that spending doesn’t get out of hand. Take back control of your business expenses, such as entertainment expenses, by applying rules and limits to each card.

You might, for example, only choose to allow a member of your team to make purchases in the UK, or to have them spend a certain amount of money in a day, which isn’t possible with a traditional business credit card. With a prepaid card you’ll never be caught out by any transactions you haven’t specifically authorised.

Also, if your employees travel abroad, you can replace their forex business cardwith a Soldo prepaid card. Your team can use their Soldo card both at home and overseas, eliminating the need for two separate cards. Managing employee travel expenses is easy with the Soldo dashboard, giving you the ability to add funds when necessary.

The Soldo app

Unlike many company cards, the Soldo prepaid card is linked up with an app, where cardholders will be able to see every payment they’ve made, as well as how much money they have available.

But more important is the ease with which they can submit their expense claims. Once the user has paid with their card, they simply need to take a photo of their receipts and tap to upload them.

The relevant data will come straight to the dashboard admins, making the whole process of sorting through claims effortless.

The Soldo dashboard

As an admin, you’ll have access to the Soldo dashboard.

From here, you’ll be able to impose rules and limits on each card, transfer funds in seconds and freeze any cards that have gone walkabout.

You’ll be able to see transactions in real-time, as well as get an overview of different expense types, individual departments or the company as a whole.

Turn this data into actionable insight in moments with our two-click reporting feature.

This’ll help you get to grips with where and how your company’s money is being spent, as well as how to make better use of it all. And since our dashboard integrates with the most popular accountancy software, you’ll be able to make the seamless transition from one to the other.

The Soldo platform at a glance

  • The Soldo card: Share as many as you like among members of your team, who can use them to buy what they need
  • The Soldo app: Your team can receive real-time updates about how much they’ve spent and how much they have left, and submit claims on the move
  • The Soldo dashboard: Set rules and limits, transfer funds, integrate your accountancy software and export detailed expense reports in a couple of clicks

Getting started with Soldo

Sign up and you’ll be able to get our platform up and running in next to no time.

  • We’ll have your account created within one working day
  • When you get access to the dashboard, you’ll be able to order as many cards as you like for employees
  • Add funds, limits and rules, enable real-time notifications and start reviewing your spending in real-time

Banks don’t let you open a business bank account with no credit check, but there are no credit checks when you apply for Soldo, so you’re not at a disadvantage if you’re a new business or a sole trader.

For more information, check out our guide to prepaid cards for business to find out how our unique business solution can help you better manage your company expenses.