Employee expenses: Turn the torch on T&E

Don’t get left in the dark. Pay for employee expenses, and track business-wide spending effortlessly – with Soldo.

There’s a smarter way to pay for travel and entertainment

Reimbursements, credit cards, and manual reporting keep business spending stuck in the dark ages. But there’s an easier way to manage T&E spending.

Pay for expenses on prepaid cards

Empower employees to spend responsibly; set budgets and track spending in real time, from anywhere.

Capture receipts and VAT on the go

Prompt employees to photograph receipts, then add VAT and categories on the Soldo mobile app.

Automate expense reporting

Stream transactions, receipts, and other data into accounting software through smart integrations.

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Travel expenses cast a long shadow

Traditional banking wasn’t built with business spending in mind. So – to manage spending – businesses added corporate credit cards, travel desks, employee reimbursements, and manual expense reports. But these resulted in painful payments, tricky tracking, and financial fraud.

Businesses had a choice: control spending with tedious approvals processes that slow business down; or keep teams productive with credit cards and risk overspending. No matter what they chose, admin was lengthy and painful. Thankfully, there’s an easier way.

Expense management that leaves your team beaming

Get a clear view of costs with prepaid company cards that empower employees to spend responsibly. Soldo reduces the risk of fraud and overspending with built-in budgets, rules, and security tools that allow you to control business-wide spending.

Capture photos of receipts and transaction details on the mobile app, right at the point of purchase. Then automate bookkeeping with seamless accounting software integrations that make light work of reporting and reconciliation admin.

An enlightened approach to business spending

Feel like your finance team is left in the dark until month end? See who’s spending what and where in real time – with Soldo.

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Proud to help Britain’s businesses shine

‘When we switched to Soldo, it became obvious that it was quicker and more efficient. It gave us confidence to increase the number of cards to capitalise on that efficiency.’

Mark Taylor Director of Finance, Plymouth College of Arts

Stop spending with the blinkers on

Most businesses are blind to employee expenses for weeks (or months) before a report is sent. And the cost is measured in pounds and hours. The stats make for dim viewing.

£1.9 billion

The majority of businesses lose between one day to two weeks per month to spend-tracking admin.

1 hour

Incredibly, it takes the an hour on average just for employees to file and process a single expense report.


More than a third of staff members think their existing expense management processes are outdated.

How Soldo works: A clear view and complete control

Soldo helps you manage employee expenses with a secure, simple, seamless system designed to make life easier. Control costs across your business in real time, from anywhere.

Prepaid Mastercard® cards

Order plastic or virtual cards for any employee, contractor, or team in a couple of clicks.

Built-in budgets and rules

Set custom rules that govern what can be spent and where on any individual card.

Employee mobile app

Check balances and manage cards; capture receipts, VAT, and categories at the till.

Effortless bookkeeping

Track in real time on desktop and mobile; flow data into your accounting systems.

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How should my employees claim expenses?

Well, you could use employee reimbursement or credit cards to manage expenses but can create more problems than it solves. 

The alternative is a top to tail spending and expense management solution, like Soldo. Our platform comes with prepaid Mastercard® cards, an employee expense reporting app, and web and mobile apps to help administrators manage spending. 

Everyone saves time, with automated processes and smart integrations. And no-one is left out of pocket. No more employees losing out to slow reimbursements, or the company losing out to fraudulent claims. It’s a win-win.

What expense policy should my business implement?

It’s a good idea to create a robust expense policy for any business. You provide an outline of what employees can and can’t claim as an expense. But that’s just the first thing you can do to do to get a grip on spending. 

Spend management platforms, like Soldo, bake your expense policy right into the prepaid cards. Whenever an employee needs to buy something for business, they can use their prepaid cards. Administrators control costs proactively, setting rules and limits for spending, over a specified time period.

It means you don’t have to trust employees to memorise your policy, and spending is always under control.

What expense reporting software would work for my business?

You can report expenses with a wide variety of software. However, most only take care of capturing spending data after the fact. Most employees take weeks to report expenses, leaving you in the lurch until month-end. It means you don’t have all the data you need to make spending decisions.

However, Soldo is a complete spending and expense management platform. It comes with prepaid Mastercard® cards that connect to an administrative web console. So, your financial team gets real-time visibility of costs. 

Employees photograph receipts and add VAT, categories, and notes right at the point of purchase with their own mobile app. It means reporting takes seconds, instead of hours. And your finance team has complete control and visibility over business-wide spending.

Then Soldo integrates directly with Xero and QuickBooks Online, sending receipts, transactions, categories and more to your accounting software automatically. Using a different accounting platform? Export everything in a couple of clicks.It’s an easy, fast, accurate way to report expenses. And you can get up and running with Soldo in as little as one working day.

How can my business manage employee expenses with Soldo?

Expense management is a breath of fresh air with Soldo. Allocate prepaid Mastercard® cards to employees. Then top them up in a couple of clicks, and set rules to govern how much each employee can spend and where.

When a purchase is made on the plastic or virtual cards, employees get a notification from their own mobile app. Employees photograph the receipt and add additional information – like VAT rates, expense categories, and notes – right there on the spot. It’s all visible in the administrative web console in real time. 

Then, when it’s time to reconcile your accounts, log into QuickBooks Online or Xero to see expenses automatically updated. Using another accounting platform? Export everything in a couple of clicks. Easy.

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