Smarter spending
for simpler expenses

Soldo helps manage every aspect of business spending. Use Soldo Mastercard® cards with the Soldo app and admin tools to automate the expense management process.

Perfect for business owners. Ideal for finance teams.

Business owners

Don’t waste your time chasing receipts. Transform how your business manages expenses with Soldo, the spend management solution that scales as you grow.

Finance teams

Gain more control over company spending and protect the bottom line with a solution that manages both company and employee expenses.

Accountants or bookkeepers?
Discover the Soldo partner programme.

Everything you need to get spending under control

Transaction data

View details about where you made a transaction and how much you spent.

Tag categorisation

Tag individual expenses with the correct spending category so they’re easier for your admins to review

Attach receipts

Take photos of your receipts and attach to transactions in seconds.

Expense notes

Add notes to your expenses to support each transaction.

Automate finance

Give Soldo Mastercard cards to as many users as you like and use the Soldo mobile app to capture receipts and add expense information.

Control spending

Set budgets and rules, transfer funds instantly and for free, and define who can spend company money where and on what, all via the web app.

Track expenses

Real-time updates in the web app mean admins stay in control of spending across all cardholders within your organisation.

Gain insights

Analyse spending patterns, generate detailed reports, search and filter transactions based on category.

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From sole traders to large corporates (and everything in between), we have a plan that’s perfect for you, and our service fees are simple to understand.

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Order smart Soldo Mastercard cards

Let us know how many you need or generate virtual Soldo Mastercard cards instantly for online spending.

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No credit checks needed. We’ll have your account up and running in one business day.

Order smart Soldo Mastercard cards

Let us know how many you need, or generate virtual cards instantly for online spending.

Control your company spending

Tailor each card to its user with a bespoke budget, add funds and enable real-time notifications.

Automating expense management for over 12,000 customers

“So good, I’m still trying to work out the catch. Not found it yet.

Adam Davidson, European Living Retail

“Five star package, five star service, with five star results.

Karen Green, Operations Manager at Titans Siting and Transport