Effortless ad-hoc spending for everyone

Soldo makes it easy to manage spending across your business. And now, a simple approvals process combines with single-use virtual cards for Purchases – a fresh feature that enables anyone to make authorised payments online. Paid plans only.

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A process so simple it becomes second nature

1. Employees make requests

Any employee can request to make a purchase online, stating how much is needed and for what.

2. Admins approve (or deny)

Managers and admins authorise payments in advance for total visibility and consummate control.

3. A single-use card is issued

Employees get a virtual card with the exact sum requested, valid only for the approved purchase.

Make purchasing easy for everybody

Soldo prepaid cards are perfect for regular spending. And now Purchases makes ad-hoc spending easy to manage, too. Issue single-use virtual cards to anyone and pay for training, home-working equipment, events, and anything else your business needs.

Get a hold of your purse strings

Reducing spending is a key responsibility for finance teams, meaning control over costs is essential. With one-off costs, attribution can be complicated, and unseen costs can stack up. But not with Purchases, a simple solution for complete visibility and control.

Stop money falling into the wrong hands

Cut your exposure to fraud with single-use virtual cards. There’s no more card-sharing, no sensitive details spread around online and, because each virtual card expires after use, the risk of fraud is minimised. So, you can empower spending and sleep soundly.

Cut the long tail of spend admin

Capture invoices, VAT, notes, categories, and more in seconds. Then stream everything to Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite through seamless integrations. On another platform? Export your data in a compatible format in a couple of clicks. It’s easy with Soldo.

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Everything you need to manage ad-hoc spending 

Single-use virtual cards

Instantly issue cards with the exact balance requested, and that expire after use.

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Built-in approvals

Get notified when an employee makes a request, then approve or deny in a click. 

Accounting integrations 

Flow data to Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite; export CSV files to any other platform.

All you need to manage regular spending

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Smart company cards 

Use physical and virtual Mastercard® cards to make payments in store and online. 

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Mobile and web management 

Track transactions in real time and easily manage spending across your business. 

Customised wallets 

Give people and teams their own dedicated balance or share pots as you choose. 

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Flexible spend controls 

Set custom spending limits for any card per transaction, day, week, and month. 

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Instant transfers 

Move money between wallets in a couple of clicks, it’s ready to spend instantly. 

Multi-currency spending 

Spend in GBP, EUR, and USD, and enjoy low FX rates and fees in other currencies. 

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