Watch on demand: Why you need to get a grip on business spending

In this webinar finance leaders share how they stop spend waste, to invest in growth instead.

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Poor spend controls are costing the average small and medium business £1.7 million* a year. As the world comes out of lockdown, this could be the difference between your business returning to growth, or facing another year of stagnation.

Watch our webinar ‘Why you need to get a grip on business spending’, to:

  • Identify the causes of spend waste in your business
  • Hear from other finance leaders how they’ve tackled this problem
  • Evaluate different ways to manage spending with technological solutions

You’ll walk away with in-depth knowledge on how spend waste could be affecting your business, as well as practical guidance on how to put a stop to it.


*Companies with 500 employees or fewer, according to our report ‘A brighter future: better spend controls key to pandemic recovery‘.



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