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Whatever your team does, help them do it with Soldo. Get prepaid company cards for the whole team without the risk of overspending or the need for reimbursements.

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Why use a prepaid travel money card for business trips?

Don’t make your team chase the credit card around the office. Smooth out the payment process by giving everyone in your business their own company card for controlled access to company funds. They’ll love the autonomy, you’ll love the accountability.

A better alternative to company credit cards

Issuing business credit cards or relying on employees to pay out-of-pocket have been the traditional solutions to getting employees the funds they need to do their jobs – but both come with their own downsides.

With company credit cards, there is no way to proactively prevent overspending, and these cards are limited to senior management. With out-of-pocket expenses, employees are put in unfair positions financially while waiting for reimbursement, and there’s a lot of extra admin work created for finance teams.

Soldo’s prepaid company cards offer a smarter solution. Thanks to their easily managed transaction limits, your employees’ spending is put back in your control. Large or small amounts of money can be loaded remotely at any time from Soldo’s admin console with no fees. The cards can, therefore, be entrusted to all staff, regardless of seniority, safe in the knowledge that you’re in total control of their spending.

A seamless connection to your accounting software

When spending with Soldo, payments can be fed into your existing accounting software through csv imports, or for Xero users, automatically through an integration. 

Your team no longer needs to manually log each purchase, chase receipts or authorise repayments one-by-one. Instead, you’ll receive instant updates in your console without having to wait for each expense claim.

How Soldo prepaid company cards work

5 stars – Love Soldo! It’s the missing link between what my staff spend and how I manage expenses. No more paper expense reports with hundreds of old receipts stapled to them to try and figure out. No more mysterious payments without receipts on my company card. I can literally give the whole team their own cards, and manage it through the dashboard. It’s great.

– Gus Ferguson, Co-founder, Salience

Unlike many providers of prepaid business cards, Soldo can issue a separate card per employee with its own unique card number. The transactions run through Soldo, instantly importing into the admin console so you can see the spending. 

Within the admin console, you get a summary of each employee’s card, complete with their transactions and limits, so that you can update their budget or card rules as needed.You can compliment your prepaid cards with Soldo’s virtual business cards as part of your plan. These are popular for enabling online spending or recurring costs such as subscriptions, ordering supplies or funding advertising spend.

Prepaid cards you can use anywhere

Soldo’s prepaid cards are issued by Mastercard and can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards. They can be used for purchases in person or online, ideal for travelling or business subscriptions, along with ATM withdrawals. When individual card accounts get low, additional funds can be instantly transferred via Soldo’s admin console. 

It’s also very cost-effective to use prepaid company cards abroad. Whether travelling for or conference, the low-fee FX business card can be used at any of the 30 million Mastercard outlets worldwide with only a 1% foreign exchange fee.

A prepaid expense card solution that grows with your business

Whether your company is made up of five people or five hundred, Soldo prepaid business expense cards could be a great option for you.

They’re particularly useful for startups and SMEs because there’s no need to build a strong credit score before you apply. And they’re particularly useful for large businesses because you can confidently allocate as many as you like across the entire business.

Eliminate the need for reimbursements

Today, a surprising amount of businesses still expect employees to cover business expenses with their own money. As a result, employees must keep track of receipts and wait for reimbursements, putting unfair stress on their personal finances, while creating a pile of extra work for the accounts team.

Transparent, scalable pricing plans

With Soldo, you’ll get transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Soldo uses a simple monthly pricing structure, with the ability to switch tiers or add cards at any point. If you need additional cards you can issue more from within your admin console. And there are no credit checks to fill out and wait for, so a new employee and card can be set up in minutes.

For a comprehensive breakdown, see our pricing page.


What are the benefits of prepaid company cards?
Prepaid business cards are a convenient way to manage your spending that offer several benefits over traditional business credit card solutions.

What are the alternatives to business expense cards?
There are a variety of alternatives to prepaid business cards.

How much does a prepaid business card cost?
It depends on the prepaid business card you choose. You’ll likely need to pay for continued use of the console and the cards, but these costs are much smaller than fees incurred by credit cards – and you’ll never have to pay interest on the balance.

Do prepaid business cards work with accounting software?
All prepaid cards have the same basic functionality, but only a few have the data management capabilities needed to integrate with popular accounting software.

Those that do, like Soldo, can export and import transaction data to Quickbooks and other accounting apps. Soldo’s payment console also seamlessly integrates with Xero, including its automatic bank feed and accounting APIs.

This is particularly useful for accountants, as they’ll be able to get a closer insight into how and where your money is being spent and offer answers for how to make things run a little more smoothly.

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