Business Fuel Cards

Find out more about business fuel cards, how they work and how Soldo cards can help you better control your business mileage expenses.

Business Fuel Cards

Using Soldo for mileage expenses allows you to easily process company fuel costs in the same system as all your other expenses. This means one collated expenses report, rather than one report per card. Our cards help you take back control of your petrol expense process and put you firmly in the driving seat.

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Don’t drive your finance team round the bend

Driving to and from meetings has been a fixture of working life for generations, yet the systems for managing fuel expenses have run about as efficiently as a clapped-out Rover 75.

Traditional fuel card schemes let business owners give their employees access to funds ring-fenced specifically for mileage expenses. This separate system led to a significant increase in administrative work for finance teams who had to track and manage individual statements from each card.

Staff using regular fuel cards are also limited to which filling stations will accept their particular petrol card. This can be a real problem when the fuel light starts flashing halfway down the A19.

There is an easier way. More than 60,000 business use Soldo to streamline their expense management process and keep staff, finance teams and management alike on the straight and narrow.

What are fuel cards?

A fuel card is a specific tool that your team can use to pay for the petrol they use while on business-related car journeys, whether they are long-distance journeys or nearby meetings. 

Many of them also allow team members to pay for oil, car accessories and any maintenance costs they may incur. Fuel cards won’t allow employees to buy anything else. 

With a Soldo prepaid expenses card, you have even more control. You can load individual fuel budgets onto each staff card, tailored to their specific travel requirements. You aren’t, however, bound to the limitations of a dedicated fuel card.

Staff who regularly require petrol expenses also often need related expenses such as food and drink, alongside client or customer entertainment. A prepaid employee Soldo card allows business owners and finance teams to control and track all their spending from a single account.

With simple integrations to most accounting software platforms, using Soldo allows for easier collation of petrol and travel expense information, taking a lot of the pain out of declaring to HMRC or reclaiming VAT.

How do fuel cards work?

In the UK, the use of company fuel cards is limited to their network of participating petrol stations, which vary from provider to provider. These usually include major brand outlets like Esso or Shell, supermarket fuel stops like Sainsbury’s and Tesco or a combination of the two.

Cards are either registered to a person, a vehicle or both.

The payment process works in much the same way as a traditional credit card, either with a chip and pin system, signature or contactless payment. While some traditional business fuel cards log the point of sale information from fuel transactions, many still rely on the individual employee to retain and present receipts to the finance team.

They also represent a very limiting way of paying for day-to-day business expenses, as it can’t be used to pay for any of the ancillary expenses associated with a business trip. 

Using Soldo negates the need for separate petrol cards, entertainment cards and expense cards. You can track every transaction for easy VAT registration and processing, while also setting spending limits and empowering your staff to manage their business trip expenses themselves.

Do I need a fuel card?

Traditionally, the best fuel cards have been an effective way for some businesses to track specific expense costs and control what their team members have spent. Having said that, the inherent limitations of subject and location-specific cards render them rather useless in a number of situations.

Some cards are even limited to petrol only, meaning that any food or drink purchased in a participating petrol station would need to be paid separately, either by the employee themselves or with a separate expense card. 

This is an inefficient system which can easily become incredibly frustrating for your team. But it’s nowhere near as frustrating as realising that your fuel card only works in BP garages when you’re running out of petrol down the M1 and there are no BP services for another 40 miles.

As mentioned before, a centrally controlled prepaid card budget circumvents all of these issues and gives you control of the entire expenses process.

A simple way of looking at it is that a Soldo prepaid card allows you to do everything that a traditional uk petrol card does, only easier. Conversely, a petrol card has just a fraction of the use cases a Soldo card does and can be an administrative nightmare.

So the answer in earnest is: you do need a means of paying for and tracking employee petrol and travel expenses, however, a fuel card will allow you to do very little else.

A Soldo card allows you to do so much more.


Use Soldo cards anywhere

Fill up and get back on the road quickly and easily, without needing to trawl through the sat-nav for a participating fuel card station.

Set spend limits by journey

Control your overall company fuel spend by defining individual petrol budgets by length or frequency of trip.

Pay for the whole trip

Take the stress and effort out of business trips and meeting expenses with a card that lets your staff pay for all associated expense costs like food, drink and entertainment. 

A Soldo card integrates with your account software

Rather than dumping all your fuel purchases into a single card statement, integration with software such as Xero allows you to quickly and easily assess your overall business outgoings. 

Soldo’s auto-tracking feature allows you to collate and organise company-wide expense data into department, category or any other criteria you wish. You can either combine or separate petrol expenses from the rest of your budget depending on your reporting framework.

Low pricing, dynamic accounts

Existing Soldo users can enjoy all of the benefits of their prepaid cards throughout the fuel expenses process and add new users with just a few clicks. New Soldo users can register and activate cards quickly and easily so their staff can fill up and be on the road in no time.

Pricing starts at £5 per card, per month, with a £5 purchase fee for each Soldo card you register. For a full list of fees and features visit our pricing page.

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With Soldo, I know I’ve always got my drivers’ backs and the best bit is that I don’t need to do loads of work.



  • Accepted anywhere: Soldo cards aren’t limited to specific petrol station networks, or any other business for that matter.

    Pay for all staff needs: Prepaid cards can be used to pay for all business travel and ancillary expenses associated with meetings, trips and pitches.

    Paperless tracking: Transaction data is collected in real-time, negating the need for staff to collect and retain receipts.

    Control staff spending: Management can set individual card budgets from a central online dashboard, tailored by seniority, journey length or trip regularity.

    Cards assigned to groups or individuals: Soldo cards are assigned to individual staff or teams, so you don’t need to wait for a line manager to provide one.

    Add new cards: You can add another employee Soldo card to your company account at any time and activation is quick and easy.

  • No, you can use a Soldo card to purchase any item from any petrol or service station, without the limitations of traditional fuel cards.

    The instant transaction tracking features allow you to monitor staff spending and ensure that they are being used as intended. Your team also no longer need to collect and store paper receipts or reclaim personal travel expenses.

  • Soldo accounts are easy to set up and fall within a range of budgets depending on company size and use.

    You can add new cards to your at any time for minimal cost. For a full rundown of fees, visit our pricing page.

  • Any member of your team who needs to drive to work-related meetings or events may be eligible to have the petrol they use covered by business expense budgets. A Soldo card allows them to pay for and track these petrol costs quickly and easily. 

    If your business agrees to reimburse some or all commuting costs as a staff benefit, prepaid cards are an effective tool for covering travel expenses for any members of your team who travel to work by car. It takes out all of the hassle of collecting transaction receipts or reimbursing staff directly.

  • As many as your team needs.

    It’s our mission to make business expenses as easy as possible, whether you’re paying for business lunches in rooftop restaurants or for the fuel costs for a drive up to visit your Glasgow clients.

    You can assign a card to any member of staff who will ever need to spend money on behalf of your company. Just log into your account dashboard to register a new card and we will send you one out in a couple of days, which you can activate with just a few clicks.