Soldo: The Family Spending Account

Secure financial autonomy for everyone you care about

Soldo: The Family Spending Account

Secure financial autonomy for everyone you care about
Debit Cards for the Family

Give a Soldo MasterCard to anyone in your household aged 8+

Manage debit cards

Set spending rules for everyone (including yourself)

Check balance from the app

Keep tabs on everyone’s finances in real-time on your smartphone

Free money transfers

Instantly transfer money to family members for free

Alternative to bank account

Soldo is the perfect complement for your current account

Meet Soldo

Instant money transfers

Soldo is for families of any size

Whether you’re a party of one, or a family of seven, Soldo is the easy way to streamline your budget and manage your spending.

Create virtual wallets and give Soldo cards to anyone in your household aged 8 and up. The cards will come embossed with their names, but you’ll control the purse strings. If your children have smartphones, they can download the app too, and learn as they spend. You can use Soldo at any of the 31 million MasterCard outlets worldwide.
And, for you, Soldo is the smart way to separate day-to-day spending from the monthly bills that your current account takes care of. Your au pair finally has an easy and secure way to buy ice creams and cinema tickets to keep your kids happy, whatever the weather.


Soldo takes the stress out of funding your family’s adventures. Next time your son wants to buy the latest video game for his console, you won’t have to hand over your credit card. Just load his Soldo wallet with a reasonable amount, and set him free. He can buy the game with his own Soldo card, which sets you free too. You’ll retain full control, thanks to the app, so you won’t have to worry about him ‘accidentally’ spending obscene amounts on extra credits.

No-one knows your family quite as much as you, so it’s up to you to decide the degree of autonomy you want to grant each user. Spending notifications are optional, so you can set these in accordance with your parenting philosophy. You load everyone’s wallets, and the money remains under your ultimate control.

Soldo keeps the family’s spending under your thumb

Horses for courses: Set spending rules for everyone

The comedian Jerry Seinfeld said that ‘nothing is fun for the whole family.’ Acerbic though his take may be, the fact is that the family is a patchwork of individuals with very different needs and desires. Soldo celebrates this, allowing you to tailor settings and budgets to fit each member perfectly. Beyond the funds themselves, your input is effortless. A few taps on the app are all it takes to channel your money safely from your account, through their Soldo wallets, and out into the shops and services that your family use.

Managing your Soldo Wallets

Healthy spending habits are the key to staying in the black at any age. While adults may not need to set rigid budget restrictions, these are a great way to teach children about cash flow. With Soldo, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly budgets on each virtual wallet individually; increasing, decreasing and even lifting them, instantly. You can opt to have their card locked automatically if they exceed these. As your children’s spending habits mature and improve, you can increase the time frame and budget accordingly.


Budgets are a fortress for your money, whether it’s in your wallet or your children’s. The minute anyone’s spending spins out of control, you’ll know about it.
For children raised in the age of digital payments, it can be hard to get a concrete sense of the value of money. They can fritter it away all too easily. Soldo rectifies this, by tracking all card payments automatically, and listing them neatly in the app. With instant spending notifications from all wallets, you (and anyone else with a smartphone) can stay on top of your money.

Safeguard your Cards

With a single tap, you can allow or prevent:
► online transactions
► cash withdrawals
► overseas transactions


Soldo gives you complete control over the family’s spending, thanks to the ability to lock and unlock your cards, and to allow or prevent certain uses.
If one of your children gets carried away in the app store, you can just prevent online transactions on their card until they regain their senses.

Keep the overseas transactions option locked until you find yourself jetting off for ski or sand.
If ultimate security is your cup of tea, just lock the whole card when it’s not in use, and you’ll never have to worry about fraud or theft again. If the worst happens, you won’t have to fumble about looking for the card loss helpline number. Just lock it and, if you really can’t find it (or it’s been stolen), order another one. Even a card skimmer or phisher won’t be able to access your funds if the card is locked.

family budget app
instant spending notifications

Your Soldo Balance: Real-time, all the Time

With Soldo, there are no pending transactions clouding the water. What’s on the app is what’s on the card – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve (thankfully) long passed the days of cheque-book reckoning sheets, but current accounts have yet to catch up with the speed of card spending. Soldo does all the reckoning for you. Your money, and its journey, is laid out clearly for you every time you open the app.


Money moves from place to place faster than ever these days. We think that technology needs to keep up with this. That’s why the Soldo app will always show you exactly what’s on your card; to the penny, and to the second. We don’t like to leave you hanging, so we’ve done away with pending transactions altogether. Your Soldo balance is instant and accurate because we take into account what’s known in banking jargon as the ‘authorised amount.’ The second you pay for something, Soldo safeguards the authorised amount, so that you won’t accidentally spend it twice in the time it takes for the merchant to process your transaction.

No more guesswork, no more question marks over whether an expensive purchase has ‘gone through yet.’ Should you ever get a refund on something, we’ll process this automatically, and your money will be back in your secure Soldo account instantly.

Spenders of every age and budget deserve accurate and instant balance readings. With Soldo you can check the whole family’s balances in real-time from the comfort of the app. Spending notifications mean you no longer have to give your kids the third degree to find out where their money has gone. You’ll have total peace of mind.

Soldo will tell you when one of your users does the following:
► Spends or withdraws money
► Runs out of money and needs you to load their account

Of course, spending notifications are optional, so you can set these in accordance with your parenting philosophy. Different spenders have different needs (and trust levels), so you can tailor settings and budgets to fit each member perfectly.

Transfer money instantly, for free

You wouldn’t expect to pay a fee every time you give your child a ten pound note, and you certainly wouldn’t pay an intermediary to handle the transaction for you. We think the same principles should apply to virtual money. Using Soldo to transfer money from your virtual wallet to your child’s is child’s play, instant, and doesn’t cost a penny.


Next time you want your children to pick up some groceries on the way home from school, all you have to do is load their virtual wallets with a few taps on your phone and they’ll have no excuse. If any of them get in a pickle at the end of a night out, or while backpacking in Nepal, Soldo is an easy way to fund their journey back to the safety of home (or a hostel). The issue of trust is taken out of the equation, because you’ll always know exactly what they’re doing with their money.

Once you have loaded your wallet, transferring your money to other family members’ wallets is instant, easy, and free. No phone calls, no uncertainty, and no delay.

Soldo is your bank account’s dynamic ally

spending account

The financial world has grown exponentially in both size and complexity. We can’t expect a single institution to excel in meeting every single one of our financial needs, especially within the patchwork of the modern family.
Banks do a great job of managing our investments, savings, mortgages, loans and large regular payments. But spending is different. It’s fast (instant, in fact), unpredictable and vital. Soldo was created to guide you safely through the labyrinth of family spending, keeping everyone together, and in the black.

Just load Soldo, and keep your money under your thumb.

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Soldo’s mission is to simplify your family’s spending. You finally have an easy way to control the day-to-day flow of money from your pocket to everyone else’s, and out into the big wide world. Soldo keeps that flow calm; free from the rocky waves of overspending, uncertainty and family disagreements. Your investments and savings will always have a home in your bank or building society.

Soldo is the spending account for the whole family.

If you’re over 18, live in the UK and have a smartphone, you’re five minutes away from opening a Soldo account.