Manage online spending
with virtual cards

Keep your team productive, from anywhere. Soldo
virtual cards make online payments easy, giving you a
live view and complete control over business-wide

Order virtual cards

The brighter way to manage online spending

Manage costs anywhere

Securely access card details and manage business spending from the Soldo mobile app.

Activate cards instantly

Create virtual cards and allocate them to team members in seconds – ready to spend.

Keep spending secure

Stop sharing card details and cut the risk of fraud with secure online business payments.

Take business spending online

Effortless ecommerce
Virtual cards make online payments a doddle. Give your departments and people their own virtual Soldo cards to pay for everything from stationery to employee perks.

Smarter subscriptions
Identify duplicate subscriptions and cut costs. Virtual cards make it easy to see and manage subscriptions across your business, with a top-down view of online spending.

Buy digital ads with virtual cards

Buy online advertising
Make marketers more autonomous while lightening the load for finance. Prepaid virtual cards simplify payments for advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Pay for Google Ads
Buy ads across the Google platform with our virtual debit cards. Our new cards – created in partnership with Google – make it easy for marketing to pay for Google Ads.

Get your online spending in line

Control costs effortlessly
Set budgets to manage the cost of online spending. Define daily, weekly, or monthly budgets and choose which virtual cards can spend where in just a few clicks.

Track digital ad spend
Get live updates on spending in the Soldo web console. It’s easy to identify trends by vendor, and the Analytics dashboard provides a glanceable view of all costs.

More of what you love

With virtual cards, it’s easy to spread the benefits of Soldo to your ad spending. Just create cards in a few clicks, and marketing will be ready to make payments instantly.

Instant issuing

Virtual cards can be created in a few clicks, and they’re ready to use in seconds.

Serious security

Cards can be locked and unlocked in a click, for safer dispersed-team spending.

Low exchange fees

Pay just 1% above the interbank FX rate for ad spending in different currencies.

Manage your Google Ads payments to Google

Get all the visibility and control you expect from Soldo, even when making payments to Google. Our new Google cards are virtual debit cards, accepted for ad and software payments.

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Order virtual cards and spend instantly

You can order virtual cards at any time by following these steps. First, log into the Soldo web console and add a user or company wallet (if needed), then:

Create card

Select ‘Cards’ from the left-hand menu, then choose ‘Create card’.

Pick your card

Choose a User Card or a Company Card, then follow the process.

Place order

Click ‘Place order’, then enjoy the benefits of brighter spending.