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Soldo Pro comes with convenient features that help you to do more in less time. Learn why thousands of businesses go Pro, then upgrade in a couple of clicks.

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These benefits that really shine through

Easier accounting

Give accountants access. Integrate with Xero and QuickBooks Online. Create reports in seconds.

Effortless reporting

Capture receipts, VAT, and more – seconds after spending. Use custom lists to organise spending.

Automated admin

Top up cards automatically using rules you set. Save hours of admin with automatic classification.

Make accounting easier than ever

Transaction reports
Not using an accounting integration with Xero or QuickBooks? Filter and download transaction reports in compatible formats (like Excel and PDF), then import into your accounting software in a jiffy.

Access management
Grant access to your Soldo account for accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants. You set the access level, so you can trust them to get the job done without compromising privacy.

Manage spending and expenses effortlessly

Automatic top-ups
Set it and forget it. Automatically top up cards to keep your team productive. Choose low balance or periodic top-ups, then define a maximum limit for top-ups over a given period.

In-app expense reporting
Snap a photo of receipts, then add VAT, categories, notes, and more – right at the point of purchase. It’s done in seconds, so you can forget lost paperwork and delayed reports.

Take control of your transaction data

Digital receipt archive
You need to keep receipts, but paper fades over time and can easily be lost or damaged. Soldo keeps a digital archive of receipts – it’s secure, always accessible, and never fades.

Roles and permissions
Allocate roles for users, admins, and managers with different access levels. Employees see what they need to see, and nothing more. Admins can track spending with monthly reports.

Keep transaction data neat and tidy

Assign rules to automate selections from a list, with just a few clicks. Save your team time in assigning categories, departments, projects, and anything else you can imagine.

Make it easy to track, control and analyse spending. Admins set lists and selections in the web console; users add selections from lists to their transactions in the app.

More of what you love

The Pro plan is a great way to extend the benefits of Soldo, if you’re looking for more cards, lower foreign exchange fees, or more flexible financial management.

Low exchange fees

Pay just 1% above the interbank foreign exchange rate, compared to 2% for Start

More Soldo cards

Create up to 20 active Soldo Mastercard® cards, compared to just 5 on Soldo Start. Some legacy Soldo Start plans may have more than 5 cards

Multiple wallets

Create multiple company wallets, compared with just one on the Soldo Start plan

Manage your Google Ads payments

Get all the visibility and control you expect from Soldo, even when making payments to Google. Our new Google cards (only available on Pro and Premium) help you manage all your spending on Google ads in one place.

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Keep your existing cards and upgrade in seconds

Still not convinced? Upgrade to Soldo Pro at any time by following these simple steps.


Log into the Soldo web console at manage.soldo.com


Select ‘Company Info’ from


Click on ‘Subscription Plan’ and choose your upgrade