Digital spending: Cut costs without throttling growth

Manage spend the brighter way. Soldo is the digital business spending platform with smart prepaid cards, helping you see and control spending with ease.

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Don’t choose between control and growth – have both

Complete cost control

Manage spending across your business. Give prepaid cards with built-in budgets to people, projects, and teams.

Real-time visibility

See transactions as they happen, across your organisation. Make agile spending decisions based on fresh data.

Digital automation

Bring admin up to speed with intelligent automations and accounting integrations that cut out manual labour.

Control business spending

Prepaid cards
Empower your team to pay on prepaid Mastercard® cards. Order physical cards for expenses, travel, and more; create virtual cards for ecommerce, software, and online ads.

Online admin console
Set spending limits and rules using simple controls in the web console. Allocate and reallocate budgets between employees and departments. Grant custom access permissions.

expense categories card
expense categories card

Capture receipts digitally

Expense app
Let employees snap a photo of receipts, moments after spending. The employee app makes light work of expense reports, capturing receipts, VAT, notes, and categories in seconds.

VAT reclaims
Don’t miss another claim. Keep a digital archive of receipts that’s secure, online, and never gets lost. Sync receipts, VAT, and more with your accounting platform automatically.

Gain real-time visibility

Spend tracking
Get a live view of transactions across your business. Easy-to-digest analytics provide a top-down view of spending, or you can dive into the detail with granular custom reports.

Clear insights
Isolate spending per vendor and identify duplicate subscriptions. Soldo opens up opportunities for finance teams to restrict waste and negotiate better terms.

Deploy in record time

Fast application
Speak to our friendly sales team or sign up for Soldo online in a matter of minutes. If everything’s in order, your account can be ready to use in as little as one working day.

Speedy deployment
As soon as you have access to your account, you can deposit funds then order cards. Virtual cards are ready to use instantly; physical cards arrive within two-to-five working days.

Digital spending: the path to recovery

Poor cost controls and manual processes sacrifice 2% of the average business’ revenues1. At a crucial juncture for companies, digitisation provides the platform for recovery and growth.

Better cost control

Meet the demands of the market and limit costs with a business-wide solution.

Fewer missed VAT claims

Automate and simplify reporting to cut substantial losses from missed VAT claims.

Greater financial agility

Access fresh, business-wide spending data; move money fast to take opportunities.

Manage spending remotely

Soldo helps you manage spending across your business, whether working from home, on site, or on the road. Allocate virtual and physical cards to your team, then manage spending and reporting online – from anywhere.

employee cards transactions GB

You’ll be up and running in no time

Signing up for Soldo takes minutes. Start spending in as little as one working day.

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Deposit as much as you like from your business bank account

Order cards

Order cards for employees; spend on virtual cards instantly