Get Christmas right
with Soldo

Let your hair down, share your worst cracker jokes, and have the best company Christmas yet. Sort your holiday season spending with Soldo, and treat everyone to the gifts and celebrations they deserve.

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The pains of Christmas past

This time of the year should bring you joy, but the same challenges always threaten to spoil the fun.

Lavish spending

Holiday spending often gets out of hand and the business is often left to pick up the bill in the new year.

Admin nightmares

It’s all fun and games until you need a Christmas miracle to find receipts, reconcile, and reimburse expenses.

Not-so-jolly staff

No-one deserves a generic Christmas gift, and team parties without a hiccup are about as real as Rudolph.

Shed light on your holiday
season spending

Dial down all the tricky budgeting and admin that make the season a little less jolly – it’s simple with these Soldo benefits.

Limit spending, not the fun

Kick back without worrying about breaking the bank. Apply spending rules for users or departments, and set monthly, weekly, or daily budgets to control how cards are used.

Distribute funds for teams in multiple wallets so they can spend on what they need, knowing exactly what they’ve spent and where, and enjoy the celebrations to the fullest.

Party without the paperwork

The worst part of Christmas is the aftermath. Skip the admin hangover of chasing receipts and reconciling expenses – pay with Soldo cards and capture all the information you need moments after use.

Automate your bookkeeping by integrating Soldo with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, or NetSuite – all your data is sent over in a click. So there’ll be no late nights in the books, and more late nights on the town.

Spread Christmas cheer all around

Grant a wish
It’s safe to assume not everyone will enjoy the same gift. Step up your Santa game and give out single-use virtual cards loaded with a set amount, so employees can buy themselves what they actually want.

Leave the fun up to them
Stop wasting time coordinating different team lunches, dinners, and pub meetings. Empower team leaders and managers by assigning them different roles on Soldo and setting permissions to control access to spend.

Everything you need to manage
Christmas spending

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Smart company cards

Use physical and virtual Mastercard® cards to make payments in store and online.

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Mobile and web management

Track transactions in real time and easily manage spending across your business.

Transfer funds to cards

Instant transfers

Move money between wallets in a couple of clicks, it’s ready to spend instantly.

Automated top-ups

Make sure cards have funds available with automatic low-balance or periodic top-ups.

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Built-in approvals process

Respond to employee requests, providing the exact sum on single-use virtual cards.

icone configuration

Accounting integrations

Flow data to Xero, QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Sage (coming soon); export CSV to any platform.