What does Soldo mean to you?

Soldo Team •

Soldo is a name that you will be hearing a lot in the coming months and years.

We chose Soldo because of its association with money matters and all things finance. And since that’s what we do – the name seemed to fit perfectly. But what does Soldo mean and where does this unusual name come from?

A Soldo was originally a medieval Italian coin, minted in silver and used first during the reign of Emperor Henry VI way back in the 12th century. Over the centuries, the Soldo established itself as a widespread unit of currency across the disparate kingdoms and states that now constitute modern day Italy.

In a time and place where disunity and war were rife, the Soldo was a unifying force.

A coin that was recognised from Genoa to Bologna to Venice, t even remained in use throughout the dissolution of the Venetian Republic in 1797 and throughout the Austrian occupation until the mid-1860s. It would seem that good ideas stick around even in times of trouble.

Over the decades, the Soldo was adapted and evolved, changing from silver to billon and finally to copper in the 17th century. The details changed but the concept and the name of Soldo remained exactly the same. Soldo represented financial security, constancy and reliability. It even survived upheaval of the Napoleonic reformation of the Italian currency, with the new Soldo being worth about 1/20 of a Lira, or about five pence in modern money.

Throughout its 700-year existence, the Soldo came to represent stability in an otherwise uncertain world (as anyone with a knowledge of the Machiavellian world of renaissance era Italy can confirm). It outlasted empires, survived revolutions and most importantly functioned at an everyday level that people could understand and depend on.

So, when choosing a name for a reliable and comprehensive all-in-one payment solution, the name makes perfect sense.

To use the modern Soldo, just register your account in minutes. and take full control of your money, using it how it suits you best..

The world has changed a lot since the 12th century and the days of Emperor Henry VI but the ideas and values behind the Soldo remain exactly the same.

From now on, we hope this is what Soldo will mean to you.