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Build client, customer and staff relationships without breaking the bank. Prepaid Soldo cards help you control your business entertainment expenses with automated budget management.

Empower your staff without losing track

Soldo helps you manage client, customer and staff entertainment budgets with prepaid cards that keep working lunch, evening drinks and Christmas party spending in check. An intuitive central admin console also means that you can automatically produce one unified expenses report for all your spending, rather than one per card.

Because good relationships help a business thrive.

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Entertainment expense cards for any budget

Building relationships with key company stakeholders, be they existing customers, potential customers, partners or investors, is key to maximising company success. From client entertainment and dining to Christmas parties and networking, keeping track of team business spend outside of the office has traditionally been a logistical nightmare.

With larger or growing teams and client liaison responsibilities, traditional ways of sharing company credit cards proved a real headache. If three account managers or sales staff needed to pay for client business lunches in Leeds, Manchester and London on the same day, cue an avalanche of ragged receipts and unchecked spending.

Soldo changes all that. 

Back in the day, team members would often have to pay out of their own pocket, causing real problems for more junior staff without the same level of disposable income. Alternatively, they may stay out for a few too many rounds at client drinks and rack up an extensive unchecked bar tab, despite starting the night with the best intentions at heart.

Long after the bill had been paid and the tab settled, the finance team would endlessly chase for receipts and expense forms. Meanwhile, the client-facing staff would have to meticulously track their transactions, often going weeks without reimbursement. The result was increased frustration and a serious loss of time and resources.

Soldo prepaid cards allow for simple, easy transactions for client and staff entertaining, with all budgets set from a central admin dashboard. Our automatic transaction attribution tracking allows for easy client entertainment expense management.

A Soldo card gives your team the freedom to build and maintain strong business relationships while also making sure that their spending is kept in check. You can set individual budgets for staff members and teams, track their transactions and take the hassle out of the expense payment process.

Whether your team is treating a loyal client to a business lunch or letting their hair down for the staff Christmas party, you can stay fully in control of your company-wide entertainment expenses, saving valuable time that you can spend growing your business.

Automated expense tracking

We’ve all been there. You’ve gone into the office with a sore head the morning after a night out entertaining clients or a well-deserved after work drinks session with your team, pockets overflowing with crumpled up receipts from the night before.

You’re then faced with the arduous process of sifting through them and filing them for expenses. It’s hardly what your fragile brain needs at this time of the morning.

Soldo makes this dreaded practice a thing of the past. With our smart tracking features, your team can capture their point of sale receipts instantly with one simple click of their phone camera. The Soldo app recognises the charges and files them away instantly, logging all the information your finance team needs to register client entertainment expenses.

Soldo prepaid entertainment expenses cards can be seamlessly integrated into your existing company expense software for easy and holistic spending management. Export reporting data from your Soldo dashboard for straightforward import into Quickbooks, Xero, Sage or whatever tool your business uses. 

A company-wide Soldo card programme can help minimise headaches of any kind across all teams, leaving your staff free to help you grow their network and, in turn, help you take your business to the next level.

Customisable staff spending rules 

Traditionally, managing client entertainment expenses was an absolute nightmare for managers, finance teams and accountants alike. Outside or the logistical nightmare of paper receipts and card sharing, the potential for team spending to get out of hand when unsupervised was always a source of dread for those filing the accounts.

Even the most conscientious staff could find themselves tempted by just one more round in a trendy rooftop bar with a big ticket client or another course in a fancy restaurant with a potential customer. 

Soldo helps you control how much your staff are spending and on what, while also empowering them to entertain clients and build fruitful relationships. From your central online account dashboard you can set:

You can track all individual purchases instantly, maintaining staff expense accountability wherever the night may take them.

Easy VAT processing

Soldo’s automated expense tracking features make it quick, easy and straightforward to log all the transaction information you need to prepare for when VAT time comes around. 

Our prepaid cards collate all of your entertainment budgets into a unified company-wide report, taking all of the stress out of declaring both client entertainment VAT and staff entertainment VAT. 

You can set rules within your account dashboard to track and separate out VAT-exempt spending charges quickly and easily, meaning that your finance team needn’t stress themselves out chasing the team for receipts when the taxman comes calling.

Expense control

With Soldo, you can manage all of your client and staff entertainment expenses in one place.


Limit staff spend

Set clear budgets for staff spending before they take out clients to ensure the night doesn’t get out of hand.

Effortless bookkeeping

Save your finance team valuable time and stress with automatic receipt tracking in the Soldo app.

Geographical budgets

You can define where and when your team can use their client entertainment cards.

How do Soldo entertainment expense cards work?

You can issue individual Soldo cards to specific team members or teams. Every client or employee expense they pay for using their card will be attributed to them and logged in your central online company dashboard.

You can keep track of all individual spending, even online transactions like tickets and pre-booking restaurant and event space fees.

With all of the admin taken care of, you and your team are free to focus on the important matter of growing your business.

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  • Our prepaid and virtual cards are powered by Mastercard®, so are accepted anywhere Mastercard is. This includes almost any restaurant, bar, pub or venue across the UK and beyond.

    This makes it quick and easy to pay for all the different entertainment expenses that a client night out or a staff party can entail. Categorising transactions couldn‘t be simpler, as you can pre-set rules for spending and reporting.

    This allows you to control staff spending while also empowering your team to expand their network and rewarding jobs well done.

  • Soldo cards can be used by businesses of any size, from sole traders to enterprise companies. 

    For SMBs, they can be a great way of looking after early stage customers and encouraging them to open up their own wider network of potential clients. You can also use them as a great means of taking out potential investors or partners to show them you mean business.

    But just as importantly, using Soldo for entertainment expenses takes so much of the time and hassle out of the financial reporting and filing process. This saves you valuable time and resources that you can dedicate to growing your business.

  • Entertaining clients is not VAT refundable, but entertaining staff is. When you’re running events where both will be in attendance, you need to split costs spent on team members and clients to claim the right amount of VAT back.

    Soldo entertainment expense cards make it easy for you to track what charges were spent on who and file your accounts accurately when tax time comes round. Simply organise your transactions quickly and easily in your account dashboard to optimise your VAT processes.

  • Yes. Soldo prepaid cards can be used like any other company card, for both in-person and online purchases such as booking tickets, event space hire or putting down deposits at restaurants and bars.

    They will show up in your account dashboard just like any other purchase, making the finance tracking process as easy as pie.

  • At Soldo, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between user-friendly expense cards and the accounting software you want to use. That’s why our cards integrate seamlessly with all the most popular accounting tools.

    You can export CSV data reports from your Soldo dashboard and import them directly to Quickbooks or other accounting apps, or integrate your Soldo account with Xero via a third party app.

    Our holistic approach to business expense accounting saves you, your accountant and your finance team huge amounts of time and stress, while also putting you firmly in control of your expenses spending.